El Paso County

The El Paso County jail’s for-profit health care provider is abandoning its multimillion-dollar contract. (via.. @rachel_m_riley )

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El Paso County

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Facebook removes seven million posts for sharing false information on coronavirus

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Joe Biden has selected his running mate, revealing to top advisers the woman he will invite to join his ticket, two people familiar with the matter say

A 2020 Census that erases more people of color may be a bigger gift to white political power than a Trump re-election in November. In my latest for @RollingStone , I wrote about the administration’s ongoing and deliberate sabotage of this vital process.

Who owned the chemicals that blew up Beirut? @Reuters  interviews and trawls for documents across 10 countries in search of the original ownership of this consignment revealed a tale of missing documentation, secrecy and a web of small, obscure companies

GERMANY: Country's health ministry questions quality and safety of new Russian coronavirus vaccine

"It's kind of the finish line for these two... but it's a new chapter for belugas around the world." After spending years in a Chinese aquarium, two beluga whales, called Little Grey and Little White, are enjoying their first taste of the sea since 2011.

Two formerly captive beluga whales have been relocated to a new sea sanctuary in Iceland. This marks the first time they have been in the ocean since they were taken from a Russian whale research center in 2011.

"Trump's really trying to act the part of president," Ron Klain says. "He's not fighting the virus. He's not doing deals with Congress to get something done. You can’t get something passed by Congress if you’re standing in a sand trap in Bedminster."

JUST IN: Joe Biden has selected his running mate, with an announcement possible today.

“The Republican Party has been a cartel,” veteran GOP strategist Stuart Stevens says. "The Republicans exist for the pursuit of power for no purpose.”