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Let me confess here that I have always found this murder terribly sad, and far too fascinating: The JFK Mistress Gunned Down in Cold Blood via @thedailybeast 

Yeah. Only the President gets to do that stuff.

Inside the Religious Death Cult That Massacred Seven in Panama via @thedailybeast 

This is billed as “Beyond Geopolitics” ... Can’t wait ... Special Address by Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America via @wef 

@wef  Trump keeps saying "nobody would have thought possible " the great economic gains of the last three years - but anyone would have thought it possible if you were willing to max out American credit on top of the economy Obama rebuilt after the GOP almost destroyed it.

As the new coronavirus fm China hits the US, think of this: In the Lunar New Year rush, much of the country travels for an extended holiday, people jostling for space on packed trains, buses, boats, and planes. It's a nightmare scenario. via @thedailybeast 

Remembering the time of assassins, and the JFK mistress gunned down in cold blood via @thedailybeast 

@MikeyKayNYC  It's not the length of the barrel that's so disturbing, or even the .50 caliber bullets in the clip. It's the empty smile and eyes of the man holding that Barrett M82A1—like the face of a cult member craving approval and willing to do anything to get it.

Implications btw lines here: Saudi Prince MBS hacked into Bezos' phone using Israeli software, then murdered Jamal Khashoggi, who wrote for Bezos' Washington Post. The Post fought back. MBS used hack to out Bezos' mistress in National Enquirer.


My latest. Read This: "The Kurds Gave Their Lives to Defeat the ‘Islamic State.’ Trump Just Pissed It All Away."

Thanks to Rand Paul, Russian Media Are Naming the Alleged Whistleblower via @thedailybeast  @juliadavisnews 

"Putin is a master of mind games learned as a Soviet intelligence agent. Trump, with his blend of narcissism and ignorance, presents a soft target for these games. He is an empty vessel into which ideas can easily be seeded."

This is the case that Amb. Yovanovitch just referred to in impeachment hearing: Hell on Earth for an Activist Murdered With Acid in Ukraine via @thedailybeast 

In the year 2000 the US was not only the richest and most powerful country on earth, it had the greatest ability and inclination to do good, from the struggle to address climate change to the spread of democracy. Then a Republican was elected.

Must read - Putin’s Top Spy: We’re Teaming Up With D.C. on Cybersecurity via @thedailybeast  @aknight613 

Given the pusillanimous silence of the sycophantic secretary of state as "his people" are attacked, this editorial from his hometown paper last month rings loud and true: Mike Pompeo, either quit and run for U.S. Senate in Kansas or focus on your day job