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If the Victorian election taught us anything, it's that fear campaigns have a limit, while infrastructure campaigns soar
The economic challenges of 2019 are more insidious, less galvanising, slower, but every bit as dangerous as the convulsions of the world’s financial system in 2008.
Why one of the legal industry’s fiercest fights is about job titles
Make no mistake, this lowering of standards for ministerial conduct will be permanent. And once lowered, political standards don’t improve again.
With its biggest shareholder slashing the value of its holding, the Seven West board is under a lot of pressure.
In attacking solar panel rebate schemes, The Australian shows a lack of understanding of how the energy industry even works — or a complete contempt for the facts.
We’ve imagined ourselves to be uncorrupt for so long that we missed when the government collapsed into cronyism.
Behind the expanding calls for ‘digital gangster’ Facebook to be regulated
Politicians can't keep their own data secure — and certainly not that of voters. Don't listen when they tell you to hand over your personal data because "it's safe".
Yesterday Alan Jones apologised to Malcolm Turnbull on @SkyNewsAust for calling him a “traitor to the nation”. Here's a 2017 piece we did on Jones' dalliances with defamation law

The Most Relevant

Podesta emails reveal Jill McCabe donation, WikiLeaks' first smoking gun - Crikey
Helen Razer: Julian Assange, WikiLeaks haven't changed, we have
Courtesy of a ridiculous stuff-up by US prosecutors in an unrelated case, we now know that there really is a sealed indictment against Assange being kept hidden by US authorities. Assange and his lawyers were right.
For the man who once demanded Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swan resign because of fabricated claims about grants given to mates, Malcolm Turnbull's role in the emerging scandal of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation is ironic indeed, writes
The Australian has been reported to the Australian Press Council for placing unnecessary emphasis on race in a news story.
Helen Razer: Julian Assange, WikiLeaks haven't changed, we have
[FREE] Guy Rundle on why Australia must advocate for Assange to be set free:
The government wants to block Chelsea Manning from entering Australia but allowed another convicted, and more dangerous, leaker to come into Australia to raise funds for the Liberal Party, writes
The Guardian has disgraced itself utterly, and trashed its "facts are sacred" mantra in this, its latest obsessive pursuit of Wikileaks, writes Guy Rundle.
The Guardian reckons there's a smoking gun connecting the Trump election campaign and WikiLeaks. The only problem is, it's own journalism undermines a claim for which there's no evidence.
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