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Opinion columnist at @washingtonpost. Previously econ reporter/moonlighting theater critic at @nytimes.

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Lol, the REAL reason CEOs didn't raise hands when asked whether they'd invest more if given tax cut, according to Mulvaney: that would be a trade secret! https://t.co/9gfywavEYl
Special Counsel sends wide-ranging request for documents to Justice Department https://t.co/GLH7BcP2zd
The Puerto Rican migration could shape Florida politics for years to come https://t.co/2owPpMFvsg
back in my dating days, a (male) colleague once told me I needed to stop insisting on paying for my own drinks because I would never get a boyfriend that way -- I needed to "make a man feel like a man"
Men are more likely than women to say than men should pay on the first date. https://t.co/rtc1Gr8GrD
What’s the point of sexual harassment training? Often, to protect employers. https://t.co/RhS13wRQhZ
German coalition talks collapse as FDP pulls out https://t.co/df1clEaGbw
@jaketapper Here's what CBO (which, under Congressional Budget Act of 1974, relies on JCT for revenue estimates of all tax legislation) said about why it only had static estimate for House billhttps://t.co/XHNM5XO4yf https://t.c
Mulvaney actually tol @jaketapperd that CBO "refuses " to produce a dynamic score. That is false. In fact Republican leadership is refusing to give JCT/CBO enough time to produce a dynamic scorhttps://t.co/V6aGRvqf9Ae.
I'm probably not the intended audience for this email.
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