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Opinion columnist at @washingtonpost. Previously econ reporter/moonlighting theater critic at @nytimes.

Latest Scoops

Trump’s lawyer used a private Delaware company to pay adult-film star $130,000 https://t.co/LT665TKP7F
Chamber of Commerce makes case for gas tax hike to fund infrastructure https://t.co/sdVpRm1DI6
The Downmarketing Of Tax Shelters: https://t.co/qSkukL02Ar
#Gate-gate? Former NJ Gov. Chris Christie stopped after trying to avoid security at Newark Airport https://t.co/kCq0uOuMPI
Mulvaney also requested zero dollars in funding from the Federal Reserve in the second quarter, says he will use emergency reserves to fund the agenchttps://t.co/pjxhJ5eMD1y
perhaps not unrelated: Mulvaney received $62,950
from payday lending industry while he was in Congress. https://t.co/cSuPfbniXZhttps://t.co/Qa9CZAIczu
Under Mulvaney, CFPB dropping a lawsuit against a group of payday lenders accused of deceiving consumers and failing to disclose the true cost of the loans, which carried interest rates as high as 950% a year https://t.co/AyFPItWrqu
Behaviors of #KidsToday relative to earlier generations:
cigarette smoking ⬇️
alcohol consumption ⬇️
sexual activity ⬇️
illicit drug use ⬇️
laundry detergent swallowing ⬆️

Is this a net improvement?
Jared Kushner still doesn’t have permanent security clearance after a year at the White House. Has been working under an interim security clearance all this time.
White House official said the process can take around 300 days; it's now been 362. https://t.co/Wr0GoJZfsy
Trump administration announces protections for healthcare workers who decline to participate in care that goes against their moral/religious convictions. Includes abortion, sterilization, assisted suicide, likely also treating transgender patients. https://t.co/wujz43sZKh
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