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Opinion columnist at @washingtonpost. Previously econ reporter/moonlighting theater critic at @nytimes.

Latest Scoops

from Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee minority staff's two-page memo on VA secretary nominee Ronny Jackson https://t.co/7J4dNmS121
HUD Secretary Ben Carson to propose rent increases for low-income Americans receiving federal housing subsidies https://t.co/UfymhonzNR
Trump campaign sent another email today fundraising off his decision to skip the WHCA dinner
Drew Cloud Is a Well-Known Expert on Student Loans. One Problem: He’s Not Real. https://t.co/Kft64bx2X8
Miss Universe 2013 host @ThomasARoberts says Trump stayed overnight in Moscow: “The first time I met Donald Trump it was in Moscow on November 8th, 2013...I taped a sit-down interview with Trump the next day on November 9th." https://t.co/kIwe5UBsWe
Ireland wins EU OK to tax sugary drinks on health grounds https://t.co/o6h3Bo89tV
Kansas lawmakers thinking about tax cuts 10 months after repealing Brownback cuts https://t.co/lDo8qRG7rx
With Lesko’s win, women will now hold 20% of all Senate/Congressional seats for first time on record (excluding non-voting House delegates) https://t.co/sZuWOGCbzW
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