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What Biden — and a lot of other people — get wrong about journalists via @Sulliview 

If Congress passes comprehensive privacy legislation, the enforcement and rulemaking will fall to either a revamped FTC or an entirely new Digital Privacy Agency. @ChristineBannan  & @rajkgambhir  examine the two options in @OTI 's latest report.

Let's defend our nation's defenders. Earlier, I posted about #NationalGuard  members experiencing food insecurity at a much higher than the general population. @Stand4Heroes  Keith Whitcomb, Command Sergeant Major (Ret.), has unique insight into this issue.

What’s so complicated about ensuring that all eligible voters can cast their votes each election in WI? In their new report, @VotingIsLocal , @ACLUofWisconsin , @LWV_WI  explain how to remove voting barriers facing eligible voters in jail.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is tired of ignorant bullsh*t from people who don’t like to read via @JamesWClark  @TaskandPurpose 

Today's Reliable Sources newsletter: Spears stuns in court; Hong Kong's 'forbidden fruit'; BuzzFeed prepares to go public; NBC previews Olympics strategy; inside Comcast's streaming plans; Conan's final show @brianstelter  @oliverdarcy 

The Cybersecurity 202: @C_C_Krebs  sees a big future for CISA


94 Percent of U.S. Teachers Spend Their Own Money on School Supplies, Survey Finds /Cc @DonorsChoose 

Court Fines Trump $2 Million for Diverting Money From Veterans Fundraiser to His Campaign via @realaxelfoley 

Mark Zuckerberg can no longer pretend that Facebook is just another technology platform when it comes to free speech, says @TimOBrien . via @bopinion 

Systemic racism in the U.S. stems beyond one ‘bad apple.’ Policing is part of America’s origin story and its history of enslavement, kidnapping and trafficking of Black people.

Tens of millions of Americans will go to bed hungry tonight. COVID’s made it worse. That pisses me off. Read @katekrader  on how I’m supporting those solving the problem.

Trump quashed report section showing Russia is helping him win 2020 - Business Insider

Journalists, Researchers, FactCheckers, Activists: @gijn  & @internetarchive  have created this new guide to using the @waybackmachine  in your next investigative report.

Before Limiting Ballot Drop Boxes to One Per County, Top Ohio Election Officials Secretly Consulted Promoter of Debunked Voting Fraud Fears via @ProPublica 

Systemic racism is a #cybersecurity  threat, writes @CamilleEsq . This is why cybersecurity professionals are joining the #ShareTheMicInCyber  campaign on 3/19 to amplify #BlackVoices  in cybersecurity. Follow, share, & retweet!