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Clive Peedell

Co-founder National Health Action Party @NHAparty NHS Consultant Clinical Oncologist with interest in lung & prostate cancer, SBRT/SABR @SABRconsortium

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Excoriating assessment of the #Trump  presidency and administration by Nature, the world’s prestigious scientific journal: “How Trump damaged science — and why it could take decades to recover”

From an “insider”. You call that verification? Really?

To all the #COVID19  pandemic deniers out there. I’ve been a hospital doctor in the NHS for 25 years and have never witnessed a viral outbreak as bad as this one. It is far, far worse than any seasonal flu outbreak that I’ve worked through. Get a grip of reality, please

#PritiPatel works for us and the public should have the right to see the report into bullying allegations

It’s always public sector workers who are expected to do extra work for free during crises like the pandemic (eg volunteering to deliver the #COVID19  vaccine). We have a public duty to do so, but private sector profiteering from dodgy “contracts” (eg PPE) leaves a bitter taste

Sorry to come across as a Scrooge, but as an oncologist who is on a #COVID19  ward rota to help out our amazing acute medicine colleagues, I think it crucial to publicly state the Christmas relaxation of public health measures is a very bad policy mistake. It will cost many lives

I won’t be seeing my parents this Xmas, because as an NHS doctor I have seen the tragic consequences of #COVID19 . I strongly believe that relaxation of #COVID19  restrictions over Xmas is a terrible mistake. Let’s get the population vaccinated and then celebrate & party - bigtime

As someone who treats lung and prostate cancer, where average age at diagnosis is >70years, it disgusts me that so many right wing commentators are writing off the lives of older people during the #COVID19  #pandemic . The lack of compassion & selfishness never ceases to amaze me.

As an #NHS  consultant, I must highlight the incompetence of the PM and his Government in managing the #pandemic . First, he played down its severity, then he advocated a disastrous “herd immunity” approach. He didn’t follow the science and has been reactive instead of proactive.

As soon as you introduce the profit motive into healthcare, money is diverted from patient care into the pockets of CEOs, directors, & shareholders. Increasing privatisation of the #NHS  is always bad news for patient care. We should all be concerned


If you think that the should have a rule that Think Tanks can only appear on the BBC after disclosure of their main funders, then please retweet. (If there is enough interest I will set up a petition to the BBC)

As a cancer specialist with 20yrs NHS experience, it's my public duty to inform the public that Tories are dismantling & privatising the NHS

This single paragraph explanation of the financial crisis by Prof Mark Blyth cannot be shared enough. Please RT

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As someone who is very proud to have worked for the #NHS  for 25 years, can I politely ask every UK citizen to remember one thing today: It’s “Serco” track and trace, NOT “NHS” track and trace. The NHS is the country’s most trusted institution and we should not let Serco trash it

As an #NHS  cancer consultant who is trying to deliver a cancer service, whilst also being on a #COVID19  ward rota, there’s no way that I’ll remain silent & allow this Government to get away with the lie that “herd immunity” (without a vaccine) wasn’t prior policy. #accountability 

As an #NHS  consultant, I need to keep repeating this because there has been so much pain, suffering and unnecessary loss of life: Herd immunity without a vaccine was absolutely, without a doubt, the #Johnson  Goverment’s policy to manage the #COVID19  pandemic #NeverForget 

Absolutely shocking that so many people that support a no deal #Brexit  are nonchalantly saying that it will be tough for a bit and then improve. As a doctor and a cancer specialist, I’m incandescent these people don’t seem to care that lives & livelihoods are at serious risk