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Scoop w/ @PhilipRucker ⁩ @lauriemcginley2 ⁩ @jdawsey1 ⁩: President Trump was briefed on hydroxychloroquine last Friday by 2 doctors who are part of Laura Ingraham’s “medical cabinet.” One of them, Dr. Smith, went on record with ⁦Post.

“LONDON (AP) — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was diagnosed with the coronavirus more than a week ago, was admitted to a hospital Sunday for tests... Downing St. said it was a ‘precautionary step’ and he remains in charge of the government.”

“So far, the plans have failed to come close to delivering on the promises made when they were touted in WH news conferences. The Kushner initiatives have, however, often interrupted the work of those under immense pressure to manage the U.S. response.”

BREAKING NEWS: Prime Minister Boris Johnson was moved to intensive care after his condition worsened on Monday afternoon, according to a Downing Street statement...

“I’m a guy who looks at data,” Dr. Stephen Smith said of mtg w/ POTUS. “I came as a scientist and physician. I trained under Dr. Fauci and respect him a lot.” He described FDA’s Hahn as “supportive.” Inside Pres. Trump’s embrace of hydroxychloroquine...


An unusual group on Air Force Two today: Vice President, Senate Majority Leader, and Chief Justice all on the plane. Rare to have that trio together, particularly on a flight.

"Documents obtained from Scottish government agencies show that the Trump Organization, and Mr. Trump himself, played a direct role in setting up an arrangement between the Turnberry resort and officials at Glasgow Prestwick Airport."

NEWS: Trump adviser Larry Kudlow hosted publisher of white nationalists at his home

Spoke to more than a dozen House Rs here at the Capitol. Very few had any criticism of the president's handling of the coming storm or his tweets on P.R. Most offered hearty praise. A revealing snapshot of the GOP.

Couple senior Republican lawmakers tell me the only way this breaks open is if TSA employees stay home and Americans get furious about their flights. That’s the only out, they say. And they’re close to the WH.

Doug Jones today: “A serious question that you have to ask yourself is this: Does the idea of Senator Roy Moore make it more or less likely that Toyota or anyone else would see Alabama’s image in such a negative way that they would cross Alabama off of their list and move on?”

Read the Woodward book twice. Explosive reporting. Vivid scenes in every chapter. Includes documents, dates, details. Top Trump advisers took papers off of the president's desk to stop him from making decisions. Mattis ignored his order to kill Assad.

Per @JakeSherman , "Sens. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) were on a JetBlue flight from Palm Beach to DCA on Monday morning. Romney received a round of applause from passengers as he was waiting to deplane, per our tipster."