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House investigators issued subpoenas Thursday to Energy Secretary Rick Perry and two associates of President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani...

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"Within minutes, senior officials including national security adviser John Bolton were being pinged by subordinates about problems with what the president had said to his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky."

TONIGHT on @PBS : CBS's @margbrennan , CNN's @abbydphillip , NYT's @hillhulse , and The Post's @ToluseO  take a seat at the @washingtonweek  table to open their notebooks and discuss their latest reporting on the impeachment inquiry and foreign policy. Join us.

great show tonight thanks to @margbrennan  @ToluseO  @abbydphillip  @hillhulse  bringing their A games and digging into their reporting... appreciate their time, and yours, if you joined us @PBS 

VP Pence is now confronting multiple challenges: House Democrats are pressing him on Ukraine, evangelicals are unhappy with the administration on Syria, and he’s trying to sell the USMCA. On tonight’s “Extra,” the @washingtonweek  table discusses @VP .

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"Documents obtained from Scottish government agencies show that the Trump Organization, and Mr. Trump himself, played a direct role in setting up an arrangement between the Turnberry resort and officials at Glasgow Prestwick Airport."

NEWS: Trump adviser Larry Kudlow hosted publisher of white nationalists at his home

Couple senior Republican lawmakers tell me the only way this breaks open is if TSA employees stay home and Americans get furious about their flights. That’s the only out, they say. And they’re close to the WH.

Spoke to more than a dozen House Rs here at the Capitol. Very few had any criticism of the president's handling of the coming storm or his tweets on P.R. Most offered hearty praise. A revealing snapshot of the GOP.

An unusual group on Air Force Two today: Vice President, Senate Majority Leader, and Chief Justice all on the plane. Rare to have that trio together, particularly on a flight.

Doug Jones today: “A serious question that you have to ask yourself is this: Does the idea of Senator Roy Moore make it more or less likely that Toyota or anyone else would see Alabama’s image in such a negative way that they would cross Alabama off of their list and move on?”

Read the Woodward book twice. Explosive reporting. Vivid scenes in every chapter. Includes documents, dates, details. Top Trump advisers took papers off of the president's desk to stop him from making decisions. Mattis ignored his order to kill Assad.