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I’m in trouble with my @lstwrd  producers. Was given a set time to record interview with Gabriel Byrne. Enjoyed it so much I recorded way too much. Substantial chunk on air after 5.30, full thing will go out as a podcast. (If I’d been let it would have gone on another hour).

Cycling brain injury: ‘I can’t put my 51-year-old husband in a nursing home. I think he’d die’ via @IrishTimesLife 

Tipperary absolutely deserved that Munster final win over Cork. What must they be thinking in Kerry right now?

I’m a subscriber to the FT and rate it enormously. But the book is a major disappointment.

@danobrien20  @cathalcoleman11I  did finish it and made time to do so which at least says something. But it was too ego driven and self-satisfied and felt like a tasting menu rather than something as substantial as it could have been. I've started Obama's book and although just 20 pages in it feels worthwhile.

Expect @HollyCairnsTD  and @MHealyRae  to have different views about greyhounds on @lstwrd  @todayfm  at 4.30.

Lovely tribute: Keith Duggan: Through the glories and the disgraces, we were all Maradona addicts


Countdown clock: how long until we get the resignation of Fáilte Ireland chairman Michael Cawley who is on his Italy?

It will have to be be asked: when did EU commissioner Phil Hogan come to Ireland from Brussels and did he self-isolate for two weeks before heading to Clifden for the golf and Oireachtas Golf Club Dinner?

New Supreme Court judge Seamus Woulfe has to make weighty legal decisions of great importance but whatever about his ability to do that he didn’t have the cop-on not to attend a 81 person dinner after being involved previously at the legal end of drawing up restrictions.

? this is very, very serious for her now, level of detail in report is jaw dropping (you can’t sue for injuries though if your jaw hits the floor). TD Bailey ran 10km race three weeks after swing fall.

Hey let’s do wedding receptions in a 45/36 split in the hotel. Like the Oireachtas golf society meeting in Galway did last night. FFS.

How well do you know your American geography? Any better than @realDonaldTrump ⁩ ?

How many other people have not been repaid their money by @Ryanair  ? A company that has massive cash reserves still #wheresmyrefundryanair 

A new hashtag #wheresmyrefundRyanair  just discussing this on @lstwrd  @todayfm  with @CWeston_Indo  now. Pass it on if you’re still owed money by the airline.

British Prime Minister Theresa May did a deal on the backstop. Committed her country to it multiple times. Today, for political expediency, she broke her word and disgraced herself. Expects EU to dump on member state Ireland. Bad Neighbour. #tonightVMTV  at 11pm.