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I don't know myself what Shaw and Smith's admins discussed RE resignation, or who is in the right when their accounts are inconsistent. I do know, on a campus where a bunch of people have tenure, Smith was one of the only people speaking up for falsely accused low-wage workers

@dceiver  *Stop suspending and firing us to placate consumers of high-end post-secondary education services* is, in fact, a concern that is materially important to them.

If you've never read this short piece of fiction by Scott Alexander, I recommend it, both for its own sake and to understand why his typical reader likes his blog so much (as distinct from some dubious theories that have recently circulated)

Has there ever been a time when *Side against the people who are banning books* was wrong?

Why is basic reading comprehension and accurate representation of what people actually say too much to ask, part infinity

@jessesingal  The inability of that clique to distinguish between what they call "grifters " and people who simply disagree with their assessments, judgments, and views never ceases to amaze me. They're just really bad at it.

@jessesingal  What's wild is the idea that there are views so widely held as to make a mass market "grift " extremely lucrative... but no writer who earnestly holds that view, just grifters... And other widely held views that they share, but no one who holds those views is a grifter. Amazing!

There are deep, intelligent disagreements among journalists on most every consequential debate in the industry. Among the institutions that should be airing them: @CJR  and @Poynter . How come so many are playing out on Substack and Patreon-supported podcasts instead?


I'd like @Twitter  to restore the @nypost  account and to refrain from censoring the published articles of newspapers and magazines in the future. Journalism isn't perfect, but the truth is best reached via robust criticism of what is published, not suppression and deplatforming.

Donald Trump's ability to inspire others to destroy their reputations on his behalf is perhaps the most inexplicable thing about his presidency. Even in defeat, people show him self-discrediting loyalty he'd never show them. Why?

Imagine being locked down in a Capitol Hill office with a 75 year old cancer survivor who asks you to don a mask because she fears Covid, and you, a grown adult, refuse.

In which Antifa beats, stabs, and bear sprays a half Japanese man who is not a fascist.

CNN reports that a man in a donor suite had to be restrained from assaulting Ted Cruz after he entered it after his speech.

Jordan Peterson’s interview on Channel 4 exemplifies a new trend in public discourse: twisting words to make people look like extremist monsters.

Basically, the center-right is terrified of the far-left and the center-left is terrified of the far right, and that is causing both to be less willing to criticize the fringe that is closest to them, which many earnestly see as obviously the lesser threat.

This is the wrong advice. The right advice is NEVER talk to the FBI without a lawyer EVEN If you're telling the truth and have nothing to hide.