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@jasonintrator  To be more clear, I'm not contesting the likely effect in this election, I am expressing uncertainty about the likely effect of the precedent, that is, its future applications across all elections in which it informs actions

This is the dumbest thing I've ever read on Twitter.

Local sports news caster: "You can imagine professional golf played without a crowd, right?" Me: Still can't quite conceive of crowds regularly gathering to watch people play pro golf.

I've been lucky to be @olgakhazan 's colleague for years now—and even luckier to be a regular reader. Very much looking forward to reading her about-to-be-released book:

You should have the libertarian ish law prof Eugene Volokh on to debate this

Their former estimate wasn't out of step with lots of experts at the time

@chrislhayes  @CT_BergstromMy  expectation is that Trump will declare victory regardless of how many people die. There is no scenario in which he rates his response as less than a 9.

I'm likelier to get through Finnegan's Wake than all of Murder Most Foul. My goodness.

After we beat Covid-19 we need a nurse in a white uniform to dip-kiss a dude in Times Square.


When Donald Trump loses he lies about the system being rigged to save himself embarrassment. For example:

In which Antifa beats, stabs, and bear sprays a half Japanese man who is not a fascist.

CNN reports that a man in a donor suite had to be restrained from assaulting Ted Cruz after he entered it after his speech.

Jordan Peterson’s interview on Channel 4 exemplifies a new trend in public discourse: twisting words to make people look like extremist monsters.

This is the wrong advice. The right advice is NEVER talk to the FBI without a lawyer EVEN If you're telling the truth and have nothing to hide.

George Will: "The usual trope about Fox is that it’s been bad for journalism but good for conservatism. That’s exactly wrong. They’ve got some first-class journalists but it’s been calamitous for conservatism. When Sean Hannity is the face of conservatism you’re in deep trouble.”

Today I am thinking about what conservative media would publish and broadcast for the next week if Barack Obama had blown off a major WWI commemoration because of rain. I am especially thinking of .