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me judging the fonts a company used in their *attached business proposal*

might watch marriage story AGAIN and cry my eyes out AGAIN

not only is it A movie, it's THE movie. The BEST movie I've seen this YEAR.

she was absolutely magnetic and that voice is powerfullll. i swayed along to every song!!

deeply considering unfollowing everyone on instagram except the sourdough bread account i just followed 10 minutes ago

omg ya'll the bread account just dm'd me...I'm fangirling

"Hello everyone and welcome back. Today's video is sponsored by bread! Let's begin."

my dream is to be in a bon appétit test kitchen video

too kind! 100% taking you up on this! dreams do come true 🥺♥️


im in manchester today and i have to share one of the most moving sights ive ever seen.. the street was completely filled with this.. 😔💐

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yeah sex is cool but have you ever laughed with your friends until you cried about something no one else would ever understand

transgender people are NOT burdens. they are valued human beings who deserve the same treatment, rights and opportunities as everyone else.

thank you so much for this honestly overwhelming support, all your kind words have brought to tears & i couldn't feel more loved right now

i am completely overwhelmed by all the kind, loving words pouring in right now - from the bottom of my heart & top of my soul, thank you <3

it's 2015. being racist, sexist or homophobic in any way does not make you cool. it's not funny & should not be joked about.

things im good at: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. practicing my order at a restaurant 57x times in my head and still messing it up when i try to tell the server

Men and the government should NOT be allowed to make personal decisions for women. Especially ones used to restrict their rights, police their freedom and control their own bodies. PERIOD.