1. People
  3. god has a purpose for you.
GOD has a purpose for You.


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Good morning. Broadcasting from sludgy old London today, where Jack Sleet has sprinkled his frosty magic over our drains and bins! Exciting! What can I play for you today? #FirstIn @BBC6Music
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I’m so ready to finally get back in the game

Start releasing this music and finishing this album for you guys

This surgery process has been insane but I’m finding a lot of excitement through my recovery

Finally feeling myself and excited to share all of these stories with you
Director @alfonsocuaron on his motivations for writing, producing, directing, lensing and editing #Roma: "There's a moment in which you want to make sense of who you are, and a lot of that has to do with who you were” https://t.co/K2bsiRenMW
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