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  3. for palestinians, president trump's jerusalem move is the end of the peace process | analysis by
For Palestinians, President Trump's Jerusalem move is the end of the peace process | Analysis by @TimListerCNN https://t.co/hjHUaHCGS0
For Palestinians, President Trump's Jerusalem move is the end of the peace process | Analysis by @TimListerCNN https://t.co/hjHUaHCGS0


Mild temps again for Sunday but we could see some moisture move back into the area Monday with an inch or two accumulations #SDWX
Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel says he backs President Donald Trump’s plans to build walls along the nation’s border with Mexico. https://t.co/8ZWbiL1Rht
.@nxthompson on what Cambridge Analytica's harvesting of data means for the average Facebook user: "Their data was, without their consent, used by the Trump campaign. That's a real violation of trust." https://t.co/0ho882NPy0
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President Trump and fired FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe have unleashed a war of words over McCabe's abrupt dismissal, with the president calling it a "great day" and the FBI official saying he would no longer remain silent. https://t.co/hf8pwBZky0
Trump asked Saudi king for $4 billion last year to help rebuild parts of Syria that the US and its local allies liberated from Islamic State https://t.co/uI9wHBX1Nb
3) Trump campaign’s data firm Cambridge Analytica using, in an unauthorized way, the data of 50 million Facebook users, might have more repercussions for Facebook and its fight against regulation than it will against the Trump campaign. But as with all of these cases who knows?
The subject of this update: Fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe kept memos about his dealings with President Donald Trump. Listen here: https://t.co/Dw0cHZqOf8
#BREAKING: Russian citizens in the country's Far East began casting ballots to vote for new president
Michael Gordon tackles economic data to determine which indicators proved ineffective at predicting social unrest in the #ArabSpring and what other data might provide more diagnostic for future analysis. Read his report: https://t.co/m03444QgDx
Democrats sounded the alarm Saturday after a lawyer for Trump said special counsel Mueller should stop investigating Russian meddling in the election.          https://t.co/kke1Tt1S89
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