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  3. for palestinians, president trump's jerusalem move is the end of the peace process | analysis by
For Palestinians, President Trump's Jerusalem move is the end of the peace process | Analysis by @TimListerCNN https://t.co/hjHUaHCGS0
For Palestinians, President Trump's Jerusalem move is the end of the peace process | Analysis by @TimListerCNN https://t.co/hjHUaHCGS0


There are hundreds of pregnant young women in ORR custody every year. The Trump administration blocks them from abortion care, coerces and shames them for their decisions, and forces to them to go to anti-abortion counseling centers. #JusticeforJane
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Double amputee shot dead by Israel was an inspiration in Gaza - Hundreds of protesters made their way to the eastern border of Gaza to protest against Trump’s decision. https://t.co/msZF4Kf8k1 On Friday 15 December 2017 thousands of Palestinians took ... https://t.co/EMY34Cx4I1
The end is nigh for programmatic 'Black Box'? https://t.co/BLksQeYus6
ignoring American isolation on the issue and chastising fellow diplomats after the UNSC vote blocked by US, @nikkihaley says Trump decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital was a 'recognition of the obvious.'
Aldermen say they’re exploring a couple different tracks: can they legally end current contracts with the company? Also exploring creation of code of conduct for contractors re: types of symbols displayed on job sites.
President Trump has been briefed on the Amtrak passenger train derailment in Washington state, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders says -@CNN
UN Security Council vote decrying the US's declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel: 14 for; 1 veto (the US)
This was the Trump National Security Strategy item I was looking for. Whether traditional (like missiles) or new tech (like Stuxnet/virus), this is important.
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[WATCH] We cross LIVE to @SikiGeyaMdingi outside the Ramaphosa household for some reaction to the election of #CyrilRamaphosa as the new ANC President. Courtesy #DStv 403
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Mattis and Dunford have arrived at the Reagan building for the president's National Security Strategy unveiling -- happening at 2.
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