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The human brain usually suffers irreparable damage if the heart stops beating for five minutes. Hers didn't beat for six hours — and she's fine.

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Vladimir Putin is likely to demote the man behind Russia's tight-budget policies, fueling fears the Kremlin plans a spending spree

"The Sec of State for Justice should take personal charge of this" Prisons inspector Peter Clarke says the youth offending system - where children are being held in solitary confinement - is "so badly broken they need to start all over again" #r4today  |

The 34-year-old was arrested at a hotel next to Ibrox and accused of breaching a stalking order.

Buckingham Palace is working to revise its guidance on how Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, are to be addressed after reports that the Duchess of Sussex's new title made it sound as though she were divorced

Antarctica's doomsday glacier is melting. Can we save it in time?

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#NewsAlert | Opposition is spreading lies about the Citizenship Amendment Act. Samajwadi Party, BSP, Congress and TMC behind the conspiracy: Home Minister Amit Shah

You can get the full breakdown of the @IrishTimes  Ipsos MRBI #ge2020  poll here - . The age breakdown is particularly interesting, with older voters favouring and younger people m @fiannafailpartyre  likely to support or Independents@sinnfeinireland 

Children in custody forced to go without showers or phone calls in ‘harmful’ solitary confinement, inspectors warn