Paris / Notre Dame Cathedral

City officials in Paris shut down the streets surrounding the Notre Dame Cathedral to begin decontaminating the area for high levels of lead

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Paris / Notre Dame Cathedral

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The Endangered Species Act has prevented ~99% of species in its care from going extinct, but now the Trump admin is trying to roll back protections

Authorities this weekend announced they had foiled three potential mass shootings after arresting three men in different states who expressed interest in or threatened to carry them out. Here's what we know about them.

You’re going to start seeing polls insisting @realDonaldTrump  is losing to almost every 2020 Democrat & all members of their extended families. When that happens, just remember this little gem from the Masters of the Universe:

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Barr suggested that the problem of police violence is with the victims for not complying with police demands. His speech was a slap in the face to families who have suffered from police violence.

Fmr. GOP congressman Joe Walsh says the Republicans should primary Pres. Trump, adding that "virtually every time he opens his mouth, he doesn't tell the truth. I don't care what your politics are, none of us should accept that."

Opinion: Trump’s economic record is one big con

The chemical manufacturer Yuancheng might have sold more of the illegal ingredients for the fentanyl helping to fuel America's opioid crisis than any other company in the world. Ben Westhoff went to China to investigate how the business really works:

Trump told reporters today that he's “the one calling the shots” on the general election debates, according to the WH pool report. That would be news to the Commission on Presidential Debates, which has overseen the process for decades.