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Waiting for a delayed flight is usually a pain, but one group of passengers at a Canadian airport used it as an excuse to party https://t.co/84BoiZRPBy
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Former Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Rick Gates will be able to spend Thanksgiving with their families and leave their homes this week, a federal judge has ruled https://t.co/I4e0tdnWUz
Additional remains of Sgt. La David Johnson have been found in Niger, a US official says https://t.co/gxprstLftB
A man who lost nose and mouth in a vicious grizzly bear attack shared his story of survival https://t.co/VelhNsXm3h
The Trump administration is slapping more sanctions on North Korea https://t.co/7kR0igrD8t
US increases the number of its airstrikes in Afghanistan as ISIS fight in Iraq and Syria winds down https://t.co/Dh0EFe56XL
Puerto Rico has asked funeral homes to help identify Hurricane Maria fatalities after a CNN investigation into the death toll https://t.co/OXOcHrAg30
Technology has changed our world, but it hasn't done enough for people with disabilities, writes Tatyana McFadden for @CNNOpinion https://t.co/t1O4LHhxQx
Robert Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe for nearly four decades with an iron fist and claimed "only God" could remove him from office. Now, at 93, his reign is at an end. https://t.co/vpQ4xW36jO
Robert Mugabe led Zimbabwe for nearly four decades -- and is widely blamed for its economic collapse https://t.co/RRPlWoxriI
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