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@BillWeirCNN @BillWeirCNN. describes a chaotic scene as Honduran migrants reach the Guatemala-Mexico border. He says tear gas appeared to be fired nearbyhttps://t.co/ntv8u0n4oF. https://t.co
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The silent struggle at the heart of Brexit https://t.co/6qOWNksF67 | Analysis by Luke McGee
@BillWeirCNN @BillWeirCNN.: “This is a big test for the Trump administration’s influence down here in Mexico because in the three months since they’ve stopped family separations, the amount of families crossing has just surged.https://t.co/FP0NytzOkZhttps://t.co
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@BillWeirCNN . is at the Guatemala-Mexico border, where he's reporting that hundreds of police officers are setting up barricades and padlocking a fence. Mexico officials say they're trying to “ensure a safe and orderly and humane passage for all migrantshttps://t.co/FP0NytzOkZ.
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A large caravan of Honduran migrants making their way to the US have reached the Guatemala-Mexico border and are waiting to cross https://t.co/vxyI9nAlRc
Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance abroad has put Donald Trump in a bind at home.

Plus, the President rolls out a new campaign strategy … one that won’t fit on a bumper sticker.

@KateBolduan has your #StateOfAmerica podcast. https://t.co/QjedGdzhjs
Twitter shuts down bots pushing pro-Saudi message https://t.co/W6H4eM6phW
Thursday night, Trump hailed Montana Rep. Greg Gianforte for having body-slammed a reporter -- a crime for which the politician was fined and punished | @CNNOpinion https://t.co/lKEsuyI7nB
A 9-year-old Canadian cashes in on the long lines for pot — and sells out her Girl Scouts cookie supply https://t.co/DXp7bkemNl
This is why President Trump doesn't want to punish Saudi Arabia for the apparent murder of Jamal Khashoggi | Analysis by @StCollinson https://t.co/NEDypbOdzd
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