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Why equestrianism is a beacon of gender equality in professional sport https://t.co/oC30TocpDv
Tropical Storm Jose is still lurking in the northeastern US coast, packing winds of 65 mph & the threat of flooding https://t.co/fDKltSeRpK
A ninth victim has died after a Florida nursing home failed to evacuate its residents after Hurricane Irma https://t.co/kP6h4nKBkX
Watch the moment extreme wind from Hurricane Maria blows a fence over in San Juan, Puerto Rico https://t.co/visOw5TvB9
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Melania Trump set to speak at UN luncheon https://t.co/ryvCx5GzpS
Serena Williams pens passionate letter about body image to her mother (via @CNNsport) https://t.co/Up3GnUyqcW
See the moment children were discovered and rescued from a school after a 7.1M earthquake hit near Mexico City https://t.co/lrdBBzCbGN
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Catalan government officials arrested amid disputed independence referendum row https://t.co/khi2sFJoY8
Puerto Rico is years into an economic crisis. Now, with Hurricane Maria, it's facing a natural disaster https://t.co/Gf7eYEhY73
Rich Germany has an inequality problem. These numbers prove it https://t.co/EpD78n6cqX
This is how a hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico prepared for Maria as it moves over the island.

Follow live updates: https://t.co/ZjywcI077W
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France's President Macron says he wants to convince President Trump not to pull out of the Paris climate agreement https://t.co/iZa3qWOpde
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A 7.1-magnitude earthquake hit Mexico on Tuesday, leaving hundreds of people dead and dozens missing. Live updates: https://t.co/DCA2M3dHF9
Storm chaser in Puerto Rico says Hurricane Maria sounds "like a woman screaming at the top of her lungs” https://t.co/RwnN4KAjPa
NASA shared views of Hurricane Maria from space as the storm intensified into Category 5 strength https://t.co/qrvTi5gCyR
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US Sen. Cory Gardner launches a push to expel North Korea from the United Nations https://t.co/ypFqIuI39G
There's a thriving ecosystem for buying and selling human identities. Here's what cybercriminals do with stolen info https://t.co/wmMUqLYf04
Chipotle's queso is shaping up to be another disappointment for the struggling fast food chain https://t.co/GY8eweS4tq
CNN’s @leylasantiago blown around in San Juan, Puerto Rico as Hurricane Maria makes landfall, packing 155 mph winds https://t.co/HJQGRZPpWI
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Melinda Gates says the VC industry "needs to clean up its act" https://t.co/LhtIscoBoF
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