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Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga extended the state of emergency for the Tokyo Metropolitan area and Okinawa on Friday amid a surge in Covid-19 cases.

Some of the Japanese athletes who defeated Team China at the Tokyo Olympics have been subject to a storm of abuse on their personal social media accounts from Chinese nationalists.

JUST IN: American Sunisa Lee takes gold in all-around gymnastics at the #Tokyo2020  Olympics with Simone Biles cheering from the stands

Africa's most populous city of over 24 million may soon be unlivable as sea levels rise due to the climate crisis, experts warn

Just 45% of Americans now say the coronavirus situation in the US is getting better, a new Gallup poll finds, significantly down from the 89% who thought things were improving in June.


Spain's large-scale study on the coronavirus indicates just 5% of its population has developed antibodies, strengthening evidence that a so-called herd immunity to Covid-19 is "unachievable," the medical journal the Lancet reported

Nationwide protests across major cities in Nigeria were a culmination of weeks of anger and outcry online by the country's young people over claims of kidnapping, harassment and extortion by a police unit known as the Special Anti Robbery Squad.

BREAKING: JOE BIDEN WINS Joe Biden will be the 46th president of the United States, CNN projects, after a victory in Pennsylvania puts the Scranton-born Democrat over 270 #CNNElection 

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38% of Americans wouldn't buy Corona beer "under any circumstances" because of the coronavirus, according to a recent survey. Just to be abundantly clear: There is no link between the virus and the beer.

Nigeria threatens CNN with sanctions but provides no evidence Lekki toll gate investigation is inaccurate

Clashes between protesters and law enforcement agents in Lagos turned bloody on Tuesday, despite a state-wide curfew, with eyewitnesses telling CNN that multiple demonstrators have been shot by soldiers

The Ikorodu Bois -- brothers Muiz Sanni, 15, Malik Sanni, 10, and their 13-year-old cousin Fawas Aina -- have become IG sensations by using everyday household items to recreate multimillion-dollar music videos and Hollywood movie trailers, shot by shot.