Social activities of Syracuse University's fraternities have been suspended for the rest of the semester after the latest in a string of racist incidents

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Police investigating NTU student for making false assault report; authorities have also urged people to refrain from "speculation" after rumours online were picked up by some news platforms

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Perspective: For Labour, the 2019 election echoes "the longest suicide note in history"

Chief Justice of India #SABobde  says artificial intelligence will not substitute the human judicial decision-making process.

Woman spots a robin among the flowers in the supermarket! 😍

Shoes and desserts are the sweetest combo 😍

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has not filed a chargesheet in the #Pulwama  terror incident, nine months after the attack took place, as none of the key suspects are alive.

How did the senator who also trains for and fights in world title bouts find time to take up political science in traffic-congested Makati City?

#Depression , anxiety may hinder healing in young patients with hip pain: study

British justice should rethink the usefulness of Assange's extradition - lawyer

Corruption charges brought by U.S. prosecutors against a Mexican cabinet member who designed anti-cartel policy expose a huge flaw in the "Drug War": The top guys are bad guys.