A gas explosion that was reportedly heard for miles destroyed part of a building in a shopping center in Maryland, fire officials say

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Labour candidate 'drugged and raped in politically motivated attack'

'This is still a great country. Running ourselves down to suit the leave or remain argument is really unhealthy.' Andrew Neil says he is 'deeply depressed' by the way in which politicians have approached the Brexit debate. #GMB 

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Scientists have discovered indicators of adult type 2 diabetes can be spotted in children as young as eight

China grows nearly half the world’s legal hemp

Rep. Jerry Nadler: "I think we should call this what it is -- an absolute coverup by the White House."

Corey Lewandowski accidentally reveals the truth: When you work for Trump, your job is to lie. #LyingLewandowski 

Top U.S. antitrust regulators admit to infighting on big tech probe

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