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A massive federal climate change report that was due next month is out today. It warns of devastating health and economic costs to the US.

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#WATCH Delhi's Pacific Mall installs a replica of Ayodhya's Ram Temple, ahead of #Diwali . 80 experts worked on the replica, it took 40-45 days for entire installation. Mall's manager Lalit Rathod says, "It's festive season, we wanted to bring positivity to make people feel good."

We don't want to live in a country that incarcerates more people than any other in the world. We don’t want to live in a country that rips families apart to punish people for seeking asylum. We don’t want to live in a country where police kill with impunity. We vote like it.

Top London restaurants find loophole in tier 2 Covid rules

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that mail-in ballots cannot be rejected if a voter’s signature appears differently on their registration form and their ballot.

This year's gun sales spike is different because it's being driven by a rise in first-time gun buyers, especially among African Americans and women.

"Non-essential items" have been sealed off in supermarkets in Wales amid government's new coronavirus restrictions. Read more here:

"The anatomy of a Trump lie": Smart and powerful case study by @AshleyRParker ⁩ looking at how Trump came to falsely take credit for veterans legislation originally championed by McCain and signed by Obama.

everyday twitter's "whats happening" is running so pro biden fact check

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