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Latest Scoops

Iran tested new ballistic missile reportedly capable of carrying multiple warheads, state-run broadcaster says https://t.co/Kmu6Qws7Fn
Plan to protect one of the world's most valuable fisheries was withdrawn after EPA chief Pruitt met with mining CEO https://t.co/mqyLjjkVWA
National Weather Service tells people to escape danger from failing dam 2 days after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico https://t.co/Xu4gxOI0Si
NASA probe zipped by Earth today, using our planet's gravity to help it pick up speed to go explore an asteroid https://t.co/UjQFDkGubq
Trump tweets that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is "obviously a madman" who will be "tested like never before" https://t.co/gyPPTI0not
Iran unveils new long-range ballistic missile, a semi-official news agency reports https://t.co/jbJidTSSJP
N. Korea's foreign minister warns his country could test hydrogen bomb over Pacific in response to Trump's UN speech https://t.co/nrbb3xMAPH
Kim Jong Un says Trump's threat at the UN to totally destroy North Korea reflects "mentally deranged behavior" https://t.co/gyPPTI0not
Study shows Aaron Hernandez, the NFL star who took his life while in prison for murder, had CTE, his attorney says https://t.co/5qZQoRI9m0
President Trump's approval rating hits 40% in a new CNN poll after his government's response to hurricanes https://t.co/ud0eJ2t0Um
Facebook will hand over ads it sold to Russian-linked accounts to Congress for the Russia election meddling probe https://t.co/zMglrgNJEv
The world's richest woman, L'Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt, dies at age 94, her family says https://t.co/gPAeL2R2D9
President Trump says China has told its banks to no longer do business with North Korea https://t.co/Na1DaQpBog
Puerto Rico's largest airport, Luis Muñoz Marín International, plans to re-open to airline traffic Friday https://t.co/G0uKTnfB04
South Korea's Moon says his country does not want North Korea to "collapse," hopes tensions will resolve peacefully https://t.co/OxlWwmquZr
President Trump says he's planning to announce new sanctions against North Korea https://t.co/i1jpQYjWpu
Rescue crews at Mexico City school where 12-year-old girl, others are trapped face rain and risk of further collapse https://t.co/Ukttv0f7HP
Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico without electricity and is likely to strengthen as it heads toward Turks and Caicos https://t.co/HmgP7Ugo7B
Puerto Rico took such a severe blow from Hurricane Maria that restoring power may take months, the governor says. https://t.co/qGy2Ym9yiy
Rescue teams have made contact with a girl trapped in the rubble of a collapsed Mexico City school, report says https://t.co/IET8p1kDGu
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