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Latest Scoops

Christopher Cantwell, a white supremacist organizer of torch-lit Charlottesville march, turns himself in, police say https://t.co/D8dez360Yh
MTV is trying to bring active duty transgender service members to Sunday's Video Music Awards, official says https://t.co/PM9K3xOIQC
BREAKING: Trump aide's email scrutinized after Hill investigators find mention of proposed Trump team-Putin meeting https://t.co/gUOUspgYZ3
Trump has kind words for some of his political foes in his Reno speech, a departure from his remarks Tuesday night https://t.co/8gsILljumF
President Trump speaks to veterans in Reno, Nevada, after last night's fiery campaign rally in Phoenix. Watch CNN: https://t.co/ltOn6zeTH5
CNN Exclusive: Russia's ex-ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak downplays his contacts with the Trump campaign https://t.co/3xYjiaOUBE
3 killed in Macau as Typhoon Hato strikes China coast https://t.co/aWGnDrpxki
Danish police say DNA from a headless torso matches that of a missing journalist, CNN affiliate Expressen TV says.
James Clapper, former national intelligence director, says he is concerned about Trump's access to nuclear codes. https://t.co/MsjcDSWzJ2
James Clapper, former national intelligence director, questions Trump's fitness for office. Watch speech reaction: https://t.co/ltOn6zeTH5
President Trump defends his Charlottesville responses and omits that he blamed the clashes on "many sides." https://t.co/s7nxkQO3xP
Trump on removal of statues: "They’re trying to take away our culture; they’re trying to take away our history" https://t.co/iRrroPZ9nQ
Trump hints he may pardon Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff convicted of contempt. "He's going to be just fine" https://t.co/s7nxkQO3xP
Trump says at campaign rally: I strongly condemn neo-Nazis, white supremacists and the KKK. Follow live: https://t.co/cLxsde7YP6
President Trump speaks to his base at campaign rally in Phoenix as protesters demonstrate outside. Watch live: https://t.co/ltOn6zeTH5
US Navy to remove commander of 7th Fleet after second US destroyer collision in just over two months, official says https://t.co/YdcV6mQvvV
Trump won't say whether he'll pardon controversial ex-sheriff Arpaio on Tuesday, White House press secretary says https://t.co/pC5mYlMFcS
Ex-lottery worker sentenced to 25 years in prison for rigging system to collect jackpots in several states https://t.co/eXFqEzOHZe
Missouri governor issues stay of execution for Marcellus Williams; case will get review amid new DNA evidence https://t.co/EMQFgMZLgp
Trump administration cuts off study into Appalachian mountaintop mining's likely health risks https://t.co/xkQN6nF7jj
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