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Latest Scoops

Almost 350 migrants are stranded in the Mediterranean as the ships that rescued them have been barred from docking at nearby Italy and Malta https://t.co/9Gy8hNesN7
Prince William starts historic Middle East tour in Jordan. He'll be the first British royal to pay an official visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories. https://t.co/riK608pHo5
Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee of California describes her visit to detention facilities on the US-Mexico border and says what she was was “heart-wrenching” #CNNSOTU https://t.co/idmH4byyF3
Sen. Bernie Sanders: President Trump needs to "make it clear that the United States of America is not a nation which tears children from their parents" #CNNSOTU https://t.co/Pv560F6wB3 https://t.co/Lq9eFozU6y
At least five people were injured when an explosion, followed by a fire, tore through an apartment building in Germany https://t.co/U3vpN2Hzxu
Sen. Ron Johnson says the most recent information he has from the Department of Homeland Security is that “about 21% of those children that were separated from their families” have been reunited #CNNSOTU https://t.co/K0cjgbACyG https://t.co/7evzBfwdfI
In a Nevada speech to support the re-election of Sen. Dean Heller, President Trump called Heller's opponent, Rep. Jacky Rosen, "Wacky Jacky" https://t.co/witPmQy86r
Women in Saudi Arabia can now drive legally for the first time https://t.co/LgFZozkpml
Zimbabwe's government is calling today's explosion at a stadium an assassination attempt on President Emmerson Mnangagwa https://t.co/8pub09wBOY
An explosion hit a rally attended by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed officials say. Dozens are reported injurehttps://t.co/yXjXuLcpyld (corrects name of Prime Minister)
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