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Latest Scoops

Florida man accused of groping woman on flight uses Trump as defense, reports say https://t.co/7Sf8zx3cpP #flying #trump
Museum of the Bible says some of its Dead Sea Scrolls fragments likely fake https://t.co/6MqC2gCgLM
Oregon man rescues kitten glued to busy road https://t.co/WSct2DHjSw
Mega Millions at $1.6 billion ... will it go higher? Ohio Lottery results https://t.co/VG6v0PLLwS #megamillions #ohio #lottery
Akron police investigating arrest by officers; man charged in crash that killed 4: Overnight News Links https://t.co/FAilg2Hftb #cleveland #akron #ohio
WKYC says Chudowsky will co-anchor the morning show for at least two months with the possibility of getting the job on a permanent basis. https://t.co/FY4slecKnd
The woman announced on Facebook that she'd give away her dream venue to another lucky bride. She received hundreds of messages from hopeful couples & wrote down 45 names of those who had stories that touched her the most. (via Good Morning America) https://t.co/cBT6EjPR8p
Have the leaves changed in your neighborhood? https://t.co/X64l92cTgB
What would you do if you witnessed this?
ABC News: A passenger was caught on camera refusing to sit next to a black woman on a Ryanair flight from Barcelona to London, hurling insults at her as other passengers attempted to stop him. https://t.co/Mrb3ye47UK
This year, 3,012 people have voted early in person, compared to 884 at the same time for the 2014 election. That's an increase of 14 percent. https://t.co/6wTY1D5uY5
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