The scariest part about this may be not just that he is that dumb or vindictive, but that he has no one around him smart or strong enough to say “Wait Governor, this might not be a good idea.”

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A must read, Scott Atlas’ behind the scenes expose’ of how Fauci botched the COVID response.

Average weeks of paid family leave for parents: Slovakia: 164 weeks Finland: 161 weeks Hungary: 160 weeks Norway: 91 weeks Korea: 64 weeks Germany: 58 weeks Japan: 58 weeks Sweden: 55 weeks Poland: 52 weeks Canada: 51 weeks Denmark: 50 weeks United States: 0 weeks

My grandfather had to get off of the sidewalk when a white person passed by, but in just one lifetime, his grandson became a U.S. Senator… for a southern state.   My family’s story is proof that America is not moving backward, but leaping forward.

Unaddressed and unabated, violent, provocative language from the Gosars, the Boeberts, the Taylor Greenes aimed at other members of Congress can only end in tragedy. And @GOPLeader  leader seems unwilling-or unable-to stop it.

As Labour’s new Shadow Secretary of State of Climate Change and Net Zero I will lead Labour’s Green New Deal, transforming our energy system, leading the allocation of our Climate Investment Pledge, and delivering a net zero industrial strategy. /1

Do you have questions about #Omicron , the new Covid variant? Post them in the replies below and I'll try and ask them live on air tonight to my expert guests: virologist @angie_rasmussen  and vaccinologist @PeterHotez . The @MehdiHasanShow , tonight on @peacock , from 7pm ET.

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Ask any family and they’ll tell you that if you can’t afford child care, you can’t work. It’s time to cut working families a break.

The cruelty is the point. Democrats celebrate these high gas prices so they can advance their radical climate agenda.

Joe Biden promised he would shut down the coronavirus. He failed.

Omar’s statement about their call:

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