When 600 agents were making a show of arresting 680 undocumented immigrants working at Mississippi processing plants, did anyone bother to arrest the employers? Or did they leave them undisturbed in the back room counting their money?

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“Yesterday I visited the site of a new @SiemensMobility  factory in Goole that will make fantastic new trains for the Piccadilly line as part of our plans to build, build, build to take the whole country forward.” – PM @BorisJohnson 

"Trump's failed COVID response: Managing a pandemic isn't a states' rights issue" via @thehillexperts 

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“COVID-19 (China Virus) Death Rate PLUNGES From Peak In U.S.” A Tenfold Decrease In Mortality. The Washington Times@WashTimes  Valerie Richardson. We have the lowest Mortality Rate in the World. The Fake News should be reporting these most important of facts, but they don’t!

By this tally, nine states plus DC have a reproduction number under 1. In those areas the average infected person infects less than one other person, so the number of cases declines over time. In most states it’s over 1, which means cases are increasing.

For many health-care workers, initial concerns about the rationing of P.P.E. have been replaced with the weighty recognition that the fight against COVID-19 is not a momentary disruption but a new way of life.

During the press conference after meeting of FMs of #V4  PLCZSKHU FM #Czaputowicz  told about plans of #PLV4Pres . The 🇪🇺 agenda, including e.g. Brexit, MFF, climate, digitization will be of great interest for us all as well as the closest possible transatlantic cooperation.

How sweet the sound: 'Amazing Grace' writer overcame a racist past

A fun little data point: I searched the conservative bookseller Regnery for all its titles about recent Democratic nominees. The results will not surprise you!