Missouri Republican

So much to worry about here. But I will choose to highlight that the Missouri Republican leadership voted to allow firing someone just because they are gay and didn’t even have the guts to record their votes. Shameful. Proud of .

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Missouri Republican

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Thanks to the New Format, the NBA Has Made Their All-Star Game Great Again

Political mood here is complex & demographic changes over the past decade have turned northern Allegheny County into a national political bellwether. What was a healthy mix of blue & white-collar residents became predominantly upper-middle-class & affluent

Joe Biden’s strength with black Democrats is being tested in South Carolina as losses in Iowa and New Hampshire have led some voters to give his rivals a second look.

Something that both New Hampshire and Nevada have in common: I’m not finding many New Hampshire voters at these final candidate events.

Sludge comes in many forms, and it can cause very serious harm. @donmoyn  @pamela_herd  @R_Thaler 

The view from Top of Aspen Mountain a few days ago- this time the right side up:)

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"Why should we not want someone to have the power to fix the problems and the brokenness that we have." @staceyabrams  plans on running for president in the future and says she's a person with "the power" to "fix" America's problems.

Daisy May and Charlie Cooper interview: ‘We had nothing before This Country. It was humiliating... we couldn’t even afford McDonald’s’.