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Claire McCaskill

Former bunch of stuff including Senator from Missouri, currently @NBCNews and @MSNBC analyst, professional grandmother.

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I will be broadcasting all day, off and on. But I’m doing my own tribute to the newest VP. #InaugurationDay 

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As way of explanation... Amy Klobuchar and Roy Blunt have speaking roles as Chair and Ranking of the Senate Rules Committee.

No one has been more loyal in their support of Joe Biden than the Firefighters’ Union. Nice that one of them asked to do the pledge. #InaugurationDay 

“All enemies..foreign and domestic”

It is hard for me to listen to Kevin McCarthy tell the President and VP “I’m very proud of you.”

Every woman in America felt the loss of her earring. And the save by the man she loves was the perfect touch. #Inauguration2021  #MadamVicePresident 


Unity. I have an idea on how to get there. Every elected Republican needs to issue this statement: Joseph Biden won a free and fair election. There was no widespread fraud. That is a lie.

This is a picture of voter suppression. Why do Americans have to wait in lines this long? This is the line in Suwannee Georgia today to vote.

Congress voted 517-5 to impose sanctions on Russia. The President decides to ignore that law. Folks that is a constitutional crisis. There should be outrage in every corner of this country.

This is absolutely brutal. Watch and share.

We should all memorize the 8 Senators who voted for the Big Lie after death and destruction in the Capitol. Hawley Cruz Marshal Lummis Hyde-Smith Kennedy Scott Some former football coach from Auburn

I am sick and tired of people who lied about fraud in our election lecturing people about unity.

You POS. You know the criminal justice system. He didn’t plead guilty. He asked for a jury trial. A jury convicted him of 7 felonies. And you are lying, you know no one gets probation after that. But then, you are now entrenched with the liars.

The Trump tax story is a national security story.

Any Republican who fails to denounce “delay the election” should be run out of office. Immediately.