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Claire McCaskill

Former bunch of stuff including Senator from Missouri, currently @NBCNews and @MSNBC analyst, professional grandmother.

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6-3 to rule Mississippi law constitutional. 5-4 to overturn Roe.

Missouri is now the first home of government mandated pregnancy.

Guns have waaaay more rights than victims of rape in my state and many others.

Masks bad govt mandate. Making a 13 yr old victim of incest carry a pregnancy to term good govt mandate. I’m confused. #MOSen 

Unfortunately can’t pardon state cases.

I’m taking a moments break from being furious at Republican officeholders to point out that the corrupt AG of Texas has declared today a holiday for their employees. Unbelievable.

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It’s a bleak day for women and freedom. In my state we have government mandated pregnancy for victims of rape. Right now. Join us @NicolleDWallace  as we discuss the scary reality that is now. @DeadlineWH  4ET

For those who want to help this makes sense. If you are in a legal state you should check for abortion providers in your community and give on their websites. Especially those states that border states that ban all abortions, even rape and incest.

@morgfair  @DeadlineWHH  @NicolleDWallaceey  Morgan. So glad you are engaged and honored you follow me. I just tweeted an article that help fund services for women in illegal states. And as I said in that tweet, if you live in a legal state that borders illegal states find a local provider to help.


Congress voted 517-5 to impose sanctions on Russia. The President decides to ignore that law. Folks that is a constitutional crisis. There should be outrage in every corner of this country.

I can’t in good conscience recommend young women go to colleges in states where taking a morning after pill could make them a criminal. Pay attention ladies.

This is absolutely brutal. Watch and share.

Unity. I have an idea on how to get there. Every elected Republican needs to issue this statement: Joseph Biden won a free and fair election. There was no widespread fraud. That is a lie.

The Trump tax story is a national security story.

Here’s an idea. Instead of judging the recovery by the stock market how about we judge it by food lines and unemployment?

We should all memorize the 8 Senators who voted for the Big Lie after death and destruction in the Capitol. Hawley Cruz Marshal Lummis Hyde-Smith Kennedy Scott Some former football coach from Auburn

In MO the moment Roe falls, law will dictate the following: life begins at conception, all termination of that life..even morning after pill, IUD will be illegal. No exceptions for rape or incest. And makes docs helping families have a baby thru IVF subject to criminal charges.