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Claire McCaskill

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Deaths from Covid in Mo up 36% over the last 14 days. Covid cases up 13%. Those increases almost entirely in the parts of the state that heavily support Trump. As one Trump supporter told me...”Hell, I wont wear a mask. I support the President.”

The Trump Presidency will go down in history for many things. One of them will be the serious erosion of institutional trust. H/T my lawyer daughter.

So just when you think he is lower than a snake’s belly, he manages to go lower. He called Justice Ruth Badger Ginsberg’s granddaughter a liar on national television this morning. Let’s go grandmothers. Get busy and vote these fools out. #womenvote 

In the last 7 Presidential elections the Republican candidate got the most votes exactly once. That is not a mandate. That is not when you strong arm the country into a right wing court. That is when you get serious about abolishing the electoral college.

It is painfully obvious that the Republicans are scared to death of the people. They want to take away their ability to speak on the Supreme Court and they cheer when a court says ballots won’t count. That’s not a majority, that’s a quivering minority.

First charging mayors with sedition, then “anarchist jurisdiction” and now refusal to commit to peaceful transfer of power. There is a theme here. And it is NOT AMERICAN.

It is a sign of our times that reading this note brought tears to my eyes.


This is absolutely brutal. Watch and share.

Ok. I’m just gonna say it. Russia has never had a more effective operative in America than Donald Trump.

You POS. You know the criminal justice system. He didn’t plead guilty. He asked for a jury trial. A jury convicted him of 7 felonies. And you are lying, you know no one gets probation after that. But then, you are now entrenched with the liars.

Congress voted 517-5 to impose sanctions on Russia. The President decides to ignore that law. Folks that is a constitutional crisis. There should be outrage in every corner of this country.

Any Republican who fails to denounce “delay the election” should be run out of office. Immediately.

Attention Trump supporters: Trump is an elite. This is how he chose to decorate his home. Gilt,gold,mirrors. He doesn’t see you, he uses you.

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Riots in 111 cities $3.7 Trillion Deficit 40 million unemployed Highest unemployment since the Great Depression 103,800 deaths TIRED OF WINNING YET?

When 600 agents were making a show of arresting 680 undocumented immigrants working at Mississippi processing plants, did anyone bother to arrest the employers? Or did they leave them undisturbed in the back room counting their money?