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  3. [写真]懐かしの名作!山口智子主演「29歳のクリスマス」場面写真 #松下由樹 #柳葉敏郎 #仲村トオル #マライア・キャリー
[写真]懐かしの名作!山口智子主演「29歳のクリスマス」場面写真 #松下由樹 #柳葉敏郎 #仲村トオル #マライア・キャリー https://t.co/qXA0RFi864
[写真]懐かしの名作!山口智子主演「29歳のクリスマス」場面写真 #松下由樹 #柳葉敏郎 #仲村トオル #マライア・キャリー https://t.co/qXA0RFi864


WATCH: Woman trying to evade police falls through convenience store ceiling in dramatic video: 😱 https://t.co/8KlBnFoS3m
The agency released a statement late Thursday saying it started deleting the records in May after NSA analysts noted “technical irregularities in some data received from telecommunication service providers." https://t.co/SOlvndJpFX
"My daughter was three weeks away from her first-year exams at Wits, so it was hard. It was absolutely traumatic." https://t.co/RlLCmTKiJU
Kickoff dinner for the weekend featuring the @clintnewellauto @ToyotaRacing 150 presented by @NAPAKnowHow - #KNWest in Roseburg
@bubbyluv213 We’re in this together, fam. Stay alert for messages from the crew during this season's biggest #PowerTV moments.

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Also HAPPY birthday to this gorgeous girl! Britt 30 looks SO good on you sister! So grateful your in my life! We all are! I treasure you friend and couldn’t imagine a better match for my… https://t.co/sXYiJm7TRI
.@MartinGuitar owner wants more conversation about the positive impacts of immigrants: https://t.co/miH6iErYz6
Thank you @ChildrensLA so much for taking such great care of us today. We truly knew our little one Anders was in such great hands.
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