Ain’t letting no hair strand get in my way 🤣. #GoodVibes  Only 💚

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@_young_ag Way to stay loyal. This is war. You ready? #TeamTommy  The #FinalBetrayal  goes down August 25 on STARZ. #PowerTV 

Him: “Forget about the fifth I’ll give you this 10 inch Harmony” 😩😩😩😩

I detest Trump. He and his entire family blocked me for a reason. It should go without saying, I hate proud boys, Nazis, & fascists. I don’t think violence is the best response to violence. I wasn’t great at saying this. I suck at this sometimes. I deleted my original tweet.

Today was one of the most bossed up things we ever did! Threw a block party w/ free rides, food n everything BUT also had rooms where we introduced people n kids to yoga, self healing, computer coding/engineering, Music programs n lighting and more right in our hood! #DONweekend 

Best Birthday present ever................ when your children sing to you ♥️🎼♥️🎤 #davidbanda  #mercyjames  #Estere  #Stella  #eltonjohn  #madamex  #birthday 

Spent my whole life bossing myself up, but I realize helping others find what they’re passionate about and giving them the resources/inspiration is more bossed up than anything I could do for myself. Facts! Our mental health panel tomorrow Detroit#DonWeekend 

Do you do things you hate for love? 😉 New Ep of my show #HumanDiscoveries  is out now on Facebook Watch!!

😆oh shit, I think she better chill she gonna be homeless. That city girl Hot girl shit is over. LOL #lecheminduroi  #TheKing 🍾 #bransoncognac 

Russian election attack Muslim ban Pointless trade war Outright racist immigration policy, incarcerated children separated from families Corrupt profiteering off of Pres. office Erosion of safe water & air Etc. etc. etc. Wise pundit: “time for Dems to tone down the rhetoric”

First night of my new festival production 🤯 Thank you Krakow!