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When the criteria are vague and mentorship is hard to come by, that may signal to some professors that a promotion to the top is out of their reach. #CHEarchive
Shifts in student demographics have had at least one clear result: They’ve changed the professoriate. #CHEarchive
The uncomfortable truth is that helping more students thrive is hard. Despite notable gains at some colleges, many are struggling to eliminate achievement gaps. Improve your institution's student-success rates with our new report.
"Too many study-abroad programs are unnecessarily expensive, and many of them don’t help students acquire the cross-cultural skills necessary for long-term career success." #CHEarchive
In each course, nothing ever goes entirely right. Teams implode, ideas fail, creativity runs dry. And that’s exactly what the professors expect.
After 20 years of finding humor in academic life, Jorge Cham is still going strong. How? “The scars are deep.”
Some students and professors argue that faculty members use academic freedom as a shield against the consequences of hurtful discourse.
University service is crucial. But for many professors, it has transformed from an important duty to a serious problem.
Colleges don't necessarily need some unusual academic program or newfangled technology. They need the basics.

The Most Relevant

"Students who come into my office crying, they’re not crying about their papers, or their grades. … They’re coming in talking about microaggressions, about things that happen on campus, things people are saying to them."
The Senate passed its tax overhaul this morning. Here’s what that means for higher ed:
A new database of female historians trying to make it harder to include only white men on syllabi, panels, or in articles.
The University of Chicago will no longer require domestic applicants to submit standardized test scores. It becomes the most selective university yet to drop the ACT/SAT.
The price of textbooks increased by 90 percent from 1998 to 2016. It’s a significant barrier to access: Nearly 65 percent of students said they’ve passed on buying a textbook because of its high price.
“I’m very tired. I’ve been dealing with this since I started.”
"We can’t, as women of color, network and mentor our way out of this problem entirely. There have to be structural changes that occur on top of that for any of this to change."
To a student, the person teaching the first course they take in a discipline is the discipline. “If the physics professor is cool, then physics is cool.”
Black male students pursuing bachelor’s degrees were the most likely among any demographic group to drop out after their freshman year.
There’s a growing body of research that reveals poverty as a kind of mental tax. The cognitive burden crowds out room for all the things that successful students are supposed to be doing.
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