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Yesterday MPs passed a law by 333 to 1 to let police use 'reasonable' force to detain and lock up people for not isolating. Sir Charles Walker MP tells me: “I was the 1. I was both the definition of futility and HM Opposition. If it was not so serious and sad it would be funny.”

This was strongly denied by the UK Government 24 hours ago Michel Barnier 'could be in London on Thursday' for Brexit talks (By me and @JamesCrisp6 )

Watch this! Plain Talking Yorkshire Granny: Who’s Going to Pay for Lockdown? Not Me Because I’m Going to be Dead via @GuidoFawkes 

EXCLUSIVE Richard Sharp - Rishi Sunak's ex-boss at Goldman Sachs - now a surprise candidate for BBC chairman. Full story here:

The old LibDems (pre-Nick Clegg) would have voted against this law.

EXCLUSIVE The National Trust could face an inquiry into its 'purpose' in wake of colonialism report Listen to my full interview with Baroness Stowell of Beeston, chairman of the Charity Commission, on Chopper's Politics podcast:

My favourite quote from this grim Autumn is from a contestant on the rerun of the BBC’s Apprentice: “There are NO ‘I’s in ‘team’ but there are FIVE in ‘individual brilliance’.” 😂


EXCLUSIVE Laurence Fox is launching a new political party to fight the culture wars, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal @LozzaFox 

Politics is crazy right now. One Tory MP just told me: "We are on the cusp of having Andy Burnham carried shoulder-high through the streets of Manchester. "He has demonstrated courage and principle, hope and determination and a spirit that the British people can be proud of."🤷‍♂️

BREAKING Theresa May has refused to appear on @BBCRadio4 's Woman's Hour tomorrow morning. She is sending Justine Greening.

Shots fired outside Parliament. Loud explosion then shooting. Man lying shot outside gates to Parliament. Gun shots outside, Frightening.

BREAKING Nigel Farage has now made a statement to Northumbria Police and told them that he will press charges for assault against the man who threw milkshake over him.

Can anyone help? Our daughter wants to do pointe but only has one leg. Can you develop a ballet prosthetic? Pls DM me

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Our daughter Pollyanna lost her leg in a bus crash in London 13 years ago this weekend. But that has not stopped her dancing...

This is unbelievable. Michael Gove has to have a 12-strong police escort to leave the House of Commons safely. Andrea Leadsom has also tweeted about her police escort to get them through the People's Vote protesters outside. What has our democracy come to?