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NEW ‘Woke' gender-neutral lavatories make people uneasy and should be scrapped, says Conservative peer

UK sets out its red lines for Brexit deal - and warns no deal is still an option 

NEW Defence spending in line to rise for increase in line for 21st century battles

First snow of the winter in Hertfordshire this morning. Still coming down heavily. ❄️

No one thought that when Theresa May committed the UK to net zero carbon emissions by 2050 days before she quit office as Prime Minister, she was also sounding the deathknell for Heathrow's third runway.

NEW Election donations (Oct to Dec) to political parties are eye-watering: - The Conservatives' £37m accounted for over half of the £70m handed to major parties; - LibDems netted £13.6m, inc £8m from Lord (David) Sainsbury; - Labour raised £10.6m inc £3m from @unitetheunion 


BREAKING Theresa May has refused to appear on @BBCRadio4 's Woman's Hour tomorrow morning. She is sending Justine Greening.

BREAKING Nigel Farage has now made a statement to Northumbria Police and told them that he will press charges for assault against the man who threw milkshake over him.

Shots fired outside Parliament. Loud explosion then shooting. Man lying shot outside gates to Parliament. Gun shots outside, Frightening.

Jeremy Corbyn is giving out a 100-plus page unredacted document marked "OFFICIAL - SENSITIVE (UK eyes only)" to journalists. Civil Servants will have marked it like this for a reason. And he wants to be Prime Minister in just over a fortnight's time. #GE2019 

This is unbelievable. Michael Gove has to have a 12-strong police escort to leave the House of Commons safely. Andrea Leadsom has also tweeted about her police escort to get them through the People's Vote protesters outside. What has our democracy come to?

Can anyone help? Our daughter wants to do pointe but only has one leg. Can you develop a ballet prosthetic? Pls DM me

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Marr: "You are chuntering." PM: "You are interrupting - people might be more interested in my answers than your questions." #GE2019  #Marr 

A friend sends me a text asking: “Why does the BBC say the ‘risk’ of no deal instead of the ‘opportunity’ of no deal?” Anyone got an answer for him? #Brexit