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Didn’t you morons get your panties in a wad defending the baker that didn’t want to make cakes for gay couples?

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Dexter Fletcher, who last directed the Elton John biopic #Rocketman , will direct 'Renfield,' a Universal Pictures monster movie tethered to the world of Dracula

Ohio Mom Suffocated Her 3 Sons Because She Was Jealous of the Attention They Got From Husband

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Put Some Respeck On Her Name: Ms. Tanqueray Lead The Way For These Strippers Turned Stars Ms. Tanqueray from Humans Of New York took the Internet by storm this week with her wild stories of stripping in the 70s. 🤣🙌🏾

It takes a certain kind of energy to get off scot free -- and then demand money from the police who investigated you.

The internet will have you thinking you got it locked...

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