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@ lowell conrad says my cook book ideas are stupid

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Except we will never know, will we, Kyle? Because in 8 whole years, Obama never did this.
Um Chrissy LOVES white kanye
The bravo logo is burned into my tv screen
Would have gave nene tickets too but apparently the music ain’t that good and she didn’t ask. Lol
@Bravotv @NeNeLeakes @khloekardashian Last thing, just to get back to the beginning of this, I did not give two shits about the tweet about tickets and brielle. I took it as an obvious joke (whether it offended you or not) and we really let it go way further than necessary.
Actually, two vanderpumpers. One is barely on. Thank god.
@Bravotv @NeNeLeakes @khloekardashian For the record, any interaction I’ve had with kim or nene has been delightful. And hilarious. All the housewives, really. There was only one vanderpumper that needed a good push back down to earth
@Bravotv @NeNeLeakes @khloekardashian I don’t do teams. Especially when I haven’t spent any quality time with either person and don’t genuinely know the people. I am a fan and a viewer and y’all can keep this mess to yourselves please 🤣
@Bravotv @NeNeLeakes @khloekardashian Ok im done with this. I’ve talked to kim as much as I’ve talked to nene. As a fan. I love the show. As much as I love the show, I’m not on it for a reason, please remove me from this narrative.
Enough. Leave me alone. Let people be. You do what YOU want. I don’t tell you how to live.
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