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@ lowell conrad says my cook book ideas are stupid

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Thank you. Then people get annoyed with me that it’s a story!! If I weren’t me I’d absolutely be annoyed with me.
zero filter none zip zero nada natural all me no makeup https://t.co/LxBD40tJee
Oh my god this entire thread
@CallumFWoodley @sartorialblog There is literally nothing predictable about Get Out. You’re telling me the entire movie you were like “yeah he’s gonna be trapped in the sunken place and that woman is really a white grandma and that spoon is really gonna fuck him over at some point”
I changed it for grammar. Those to “the” - you really got me!
John said I can’t talk shit about any nominated movies so I will simply say Get Out and I,Tonya should win everything also one of the highly nominated movies sucks
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