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@ lowell conrad says my cook book ideas are stupid

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read john’s @GQMagazine article this riveting quote and more https://t.co/bnD9T9m4tr
I have been having such weird, bad dreams lately and they leave me feeling like crap all day because it’s hard to remove what I went through all night. How can I have happy dreams :(
Thank you @Twitter team for being a part of #Cravingsfest! ❤️❤️❤️
I cleaned my laptop screen while watching curb and there are now two dead looking Larry Davids embedded into my laptop forever
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cauliflower rice is only good in the following way
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It took me two weeks of CBD pills to tame the constant twitching of my eyebrows after “da bomb” - but I’ve never had a better interview. I love you guys.https://t.co/fESbo4UhNc
SIMMER IS AN ACT OF WHAT THE WATER IS DOING, LITTLE POPS OF BUBBLES, NOT A LOW, HOT TEMPERATURE and John will NEVER stop arguing with me about this!!! https://t.co/uzdKIaCSyt
going to force John to watch SOMM - my 3rd time but it's still delightful to me, like a freshly cut garden hose or the scent of a can of tennis balls very earthy and indigenous to the northern most point of tuscany
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