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@ lowell conrad says my cook book ideas are stupid

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I’m sorry :( sending love
has anyone else felt like today has been extremely weird? very...off? like the energy of the sky and earth were...different? have I been in LA too long? perhaps. need to charge my crystals in the moonlight
I've been using a men's Gillette razor since I was 14. Gillette was the first major company to hire me when I was kind of known as a risky little b for brands. I still use a gillette fusion razor and I still get so much joy from a fresh blade. in closing, I love you, Gillette.
“can I wear pajamas” “you can wear pajamas” thank you @goodhousemag and @ericraydavidson!! https://t.co/OOjuU1u3di
I’d either dig straight to Hell or get a surprise release after 3 years of digging. With John’s luck he would find a door right behind his bed leading to a Dave and busters
Look at these CUTIE BUTTS
Oh dear definitely not my poster in Escape from Dannemora - just got a zoom out. Boobs much better much respect
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