Muslims / Trump

Not *one word* about the Muslims slaughtered in their house of worship by a white supremacist Trump fan. Not one.

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Muslims / Trump

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@FrankFigliuzzi1  on US Justice Dept. inspector general's forthcoming report: "This is going to be a bad day for those who think and believe in conspiracy theories."

Really? Can you trace for me the causal impact on American voters from the publication of a Hill oped (what’s the distribution of that publication?) by a Ukrainian ambassador? If truly an act of “influence”, an incredibly ineffective one!

About 50 people were believed to be on or near New Zealand's White Island when the country's most active volcano unexpectedly erupted. At least five people are dead and up to two dozen are unaccounted for.

What a bonkers decision by ITV. Evan Davis just said his PM programme couldn’t run the clip of Joe Pike’s brilliant interview with Boris Johnson taking his phone because ITV won’t release it til 6pm. So Davis was left advising listeners to watch it on Twitter! Madness.

Reporter: "Are you prepared to accept the findings?" Kellyanne Conway: "Are you prepared to cover them all or just the ones you think fit the narrative that you've been pushing for 3 years?"

"AJ is British. AJ is Nigerian. AJ is for the world." They may have played the British national anthem at his fight, but these fans in Lagos were celebrating @anthonyfjoshua 's victory as a win for Nigeria. #RuizJoshua2  🥊 l GBNG

Desperate efforts are underway to locate any additional survivors of a deadly volcanic eruption on New Zealand's White Island Monday, which killed at least five people and injured at least a dozen more.

"MISSING: Adam Schiff" Sign in #impeachinghearing  shows Rep. Adam Schiff on a milk carton.

Chris Wallace shreds Ken Starr: Trump’s scandal ‘a much bigger issue than whether Bill Clinton lied about sex’