Biden / Election Day

Trump’s worst poll numbers against Biden were during the summer COVID surge. Even if you do not care at all about people’s health and safety, if you’re a GOP governor, the *worst* thing you can do, politically, is lay the groundwork for a spike right before Election Day.

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Biden / Election Day

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President Obama: “Our Democracy is not going to work if the people who are supposed to be our leaders lie everyday and just make things up. And we’ve become just numb to it. We’ve become immune to it. Every single day. Fact checkers can’t keep up.”

U.S. officials conclude Iran was behind threatening emails claimed to be from Proud Boys

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Former Pres. Obama delivered a blistering account of his successor's first four years in office, arguing that Pres. Trump has proved he is "incapable of taking the job seriously" and has shown no interest in "helping anybody but himself and his friends"

Obama: "I get that this president wants full credit for the economy he inherited, and zero blame for the pandemic he ignored. But you know what — the job doesn't work that way. Tweeting at the television doesn't fix things. Making stuff up doesn't make people's lives better."

President Trump has treated the presidency "like a reality show that he can use to get attention," former President Obama says while stumping for Joe Biden in Philadelphia. "But the thing is, this is not a reality show. This is reality."

Watch how Joe Biden consoled the son of Chris Hixon, the Parkland wrestling coach killed in the 2018 shooting

FBI Director Chris Wray: “You should be confident that your vote counts. Early, unverified claims to the contrary should be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism.”

Literally the most irresponsible way you could possibly cover this story @washingtonpost 

Fmr Pres. Obama at Biden campaign rally: "The fact that we don't get 100% of what we want right away is not a good reason not to vote. It means we've got to vote and then get some change...Then vote some more, and then get some more change...Keep on voting until we get it right."

Proud Boys domain used to send threatening emails to Democratic voters in Florida, Arizona and Pennsylvania - The Washington Post