Chris Hayes

AND YET!!! You stil see this savvy, arm's length mode of analysis across the spectrum. "Oh calm down libs, is it really so bad?" MORE AMERICANS HAVE DIED IN THE LAST SIX MONTHS THAN DURING ANY SIX MONTH PERIOD IN A HUNDRED YEARS. YES IT'S THAT BAD. WAKE THE HELL UP.

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Eyewitness accounts from #Nigeria  of troops opening fire on peaceful protesters: Demands for protection & calls for an end to police brutality have fallen on deaf ears. We get the latest from @EleniGiokos  on #SARSMUSTEND  #EndSARS 

McConnell and Senate Republicans kill coronavirus relief bill for small businesses and struggling Americans.

#EndSARS: Deploy soldiers to fight Boko Haram, not protesters, Osun civil societies tell Buhari

"Boris Johnson has been lying to the people in the U.K." German MEP Theresa Reintke tells the U.K. prime minister to return to the negotiating table, "stop blaming others for your own actions," and "take responsibility" for Brexit

A @NASA  spacecraft touched down on the rugged surface of the Bennu asteroid, grabbing a sample of rocks dating back to the birth of our solar system to bring home

Pakistan used to carry out terrorist activities in India, & Congress leadership used to say, we won't do anything to Pakistan lest they use atom bomb against us. Now Pak PM is running around world, wary if Indian jawans will carry out another surgical strike there: UP CM in Patna

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