Chris Hayes

Here's the ugly truth at the core of all of this: the president actually can do whatever he wants - rob, cheat, steal, murder - if he can hold 34 senate votes.

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Again this is happening in India *while Trump is in the country* and praising Modi, whose name the mobs shout as they beat people.

“I say this to you from my heart, look after yourselves.” Iran's deputy health minister has tested positive for the coronavirus, as the country struggles with one of the worst outbreaks outside of China. Read the latest:

BREAKING: The Spanish health ministry has confirmed a case of #coronavirus  in Barcelona. The patient tested positive after travelling to the north of Italy in the last few days. More on #COVID19  here:

The question was "do you think justice was served in the Harvey Weinstein case?" This was Trump's full answer.

Can @DelhiPolice  please ensure rapid deployment at Chand Bagh, we are getting SOS from residents about a mob there? Pls reach near Azim Memorial School, Gali No. 1, Chand Bagh on urgent basis.

Delhi: Menu of the dinner banquet at Rashtrapati Bhavan hosted in the honour of US President Donald Trump.

JUST NOW: @MikeBloomberg  Senior Adviser@TimOBrien  goes there on @BernieSanders . Orgasms. Rape fantasies. Children running naked. All there. @NewDay 

US wanted to kill WikiLeaks founder and make it look like accident:

Democratic front-runner @Bernie Sanders scored a double-digit victory in the Nevada caucuses, earning 73% of the Latino vote. @ChuckRocha  attributes this success to Sanders running a campaign informed by community organizers and "filtered through a lens of cultural competency."