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You realize the context of this "secret report" right?
As the government is possibly shutting down!
D messaging is entirely about the futility and recklessness of short term CR after short term CR, interestingly.
@MitchellCares In terms of the border security? The actual details of the DACA process? That may be true substantively but also true the D base is more inclined/disposes towards compromise than R base.
The GOP *prefers* the extreme approach that gets fewer votes. Compromise bills would pass overwhelmingly and be popular.
The last time Sen Sanders was on our show was seven weeks ago.
Sometimes feels like it’s only a matter of time until it’s being said on TV
If Tester's a no, then this is not going anywhere (it was already not going anywhere)
So Senate process people: why don't CR's fall under reconciliation? Is it just because they are not part of the "normal" budget process to which the reconciliation threshold applies?
Paul Ryan putting on an incredible display of Peak Faux Earnestness
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