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All day I had thought anHouellebecq essay in Harpers about Trump being #actually good was a tortured joke for an audience of, like, 5 people but no.
Sometimes the conventional wisdom is wrong
X is conventional wisdom
Therefore x is wrong

Is not a logically valid argument.
sure, but seems like you could, ya know, chase away the questions with some more transparency.
I mean this, in and of itself, is a pretty big red flag, no?

"The inaugural committee has publicly identified vendors accounting for $61 million of the $103 million it spent"

Someone who speaks Russian, for the love of God, settle this: is it BOOT-ina or bu-TEEN-a ?
yes that's what I was going to say. I should have said "defintively confirmed"
A thing about Watergate and Nixon I think about is that after he ultimately resigned, he learned that basically the entire presidency was shot through with a million different near-constant criminal schemes and abuses of power.
An all-you-can-eat crime buffet.
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