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I’m so so glad to hear you’re finding it useful.
Officially on vacation and gonna try to stay away from Twitter. Long live summer!

(There’ll be a new Why Is This Happening on Tuesday, though, never fear. #WITHpod )
Would really love to know what became of the DNC analytics that were allegedly stolen in September 2016.
The indictment appears to indicate that Mueller's team has access to things as specific as *individual searches* run by *individual GRU officers* on specific days.
Of the many ironies in this story, surely at the top is the fact that the Clinton private server appears to have been the most secure and impregnable of the servers that were targeted.
"The indictment is silent about what happened to this stolen analytics data."

I honestly urge you to tabulate how much time we devoted to her emails as a percentage of our campaign coverage.
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