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Esther Choo MD MPH

Emergency Med, OHSU, Adjunct Fac, Brown. Sr Associate Editor Dissemination, @AcademicEmerMed. #digitalhealth @womenDocs4hmnty #DocsWithHer

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So... I was at the call center for Warren, which means we received the called-in results from precincts as they rolled in. I’m not going to go into any specifics, as it is not my place, but a few clarifying observations. #IACaucus 

Giving Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom was a bright bat signal to racism and bigotry of all kinds. “You will not only be protected, you will be celebrated, friends!”

Someone asked me for a good, go-to clinical trials stats reference or review that is more than stats 101 but less than a textbook and I don't have an answer. Any recs?

Hello. I'm stuck on a plane so not in the emergency room and thought it might be fun to answer your questions. Ask me anything you’ve always wanted to know about how a real-life ER really works. For the next 20 mins I’ll try to answer all.

@briankoppelman  we also have algorithms for quick checks on certain complaints. chest pain = immediate EKG that a doctor has to see within x minutes. possible stroke symptoms, immediate neurologic exam.

Please support this super cool startup that creates non-toxic skin care products for women of color: @AbsoluteJOI 

Looking forward to my first SXSW! On a panel with & talking about @DrJenGunteromen’s  @rashmikudesiahealth  & women in the healthcare workforce #SXSW20 

Warren linking climate change to vast racial economic disparities. My heart. This boss lady. #DemDebate  #PresidentWarren 

@Maestermagoo  Anything is possible, but 28 days is unlikely. Probably more like a few days to 2 weeks. And we don’t know the role of asymtptomatic transmission, but for now the cases have had prolonged, close contact with symptomatic ill people.