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feel like twitter news is just death counts in various locations daily

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you guys dont worry! kim k will talk to trump and get this all sorted out asap!

Protesters in London today making their way towards the US Embassy, in solidarity with US protests for George Floyd.

A life cannot be replaced. Black Lives Matter. Marc Jacobs. Los Angeles, CA. May 31, 2020

Barack and Michelle Obama’s powerful statements acknowledge the radical change that needs to occur for change to truly happen in this country.

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Read on for resources and actions to take to work on becoming actively anti-racist.

You can join in team speak your mind and be yourself and stop fronting for everyone.We been at war for a while but some of y’all are waking up to it and realizing u could lose it all your life too and ain’t prepared for that ! Welp that’s what pretty much happens in war beloveds