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Staffers were shocked that Kelly revealed to reporters that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, during a diplomatic swing through Africa, was suffering from a stomach bug and was using a toilet when Kelly told him to cut the trip short and return to Washington. -Politico
@jdo3 I’m not begging anyone. I’m telling people who want to help that they can with or without money. Please don’t chastise me when I’m trying to spread info about helping the less fortunate.
@Sunshineelisee1 @karamfoundation You can find refugee families near you and go bring them food or a cake or help them learn English. Not just Syrian refugees- all refugees. See if there are refugee families in your area. easy to google. Thanks for caring
I know we have a lot of issues to deal with in our own country, but this is an image of a child being evacuated in Syria. You can help these families and babies by donating to @karamfoundation food, clothing, you can donate your time to help the families that are living here.
This is the next mayor of San Francisco @LondonBreed Election is June 5th and that’s my sister on the others side who is now a San Franciscan. One of the greatest cities in the world!
Happy #WorldSleepDay to the man whose natural look is Resting Lunesta Face
Democratic billionaires- we need you to illustrate what this 30 million dollar military parade would be better spent on. That, and the fact that the person who requested it dodged the draft however many times because of “bone spurs.” Is that a hair-related malady? Fuck
Steve Mnuchin's punishment for spending $1million of taxpayer dollars on military flights should be that moving forward the only way he can travel is if it’s on United.
This is another race on Tuesday in Illinois. Marie is running against a crook with a terrible record. Let’s make Tuesday another day we elect candidates that say no to Russia and no to Trump. Be part of the blue wave!!!https://t.co/6vc8XXh6mB
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