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Ladybird is the perfect mini-Tilda Swinton with a touch of Juno. Fierce actress @Saoirseronan. I’m sure I spelled that wrong.
Now it’s time for @JeffFlake @SenJohnMcCain to vote no on this ugly tax reform that is a payout to the rich. Make your resignations heard throughout history. You have the ability to save the future of this country. Please.
I just woke up in the middle of the night to make sure what happened when I went to bed is still happening. After Alabama, I’ve decided to start believing I’m G-d again. Congratulations, Alabama. Your vote counted. To all the women who came forward. Your voices were heard. ❤️
People like Dina Powell who are stepping down from this administration because of morals isn’t enough. People need to speak up about what goes on in that WH. It is your responsibility to tell the truth about why so many of you are resigning. You made an oath 2 serve ur country.
Please don’t let today, December 12th, be a stain on the history of the United States. Your vote counts. #VoteDougJones4Senate #DougJones4Alabama
That’s a great way to think. Let’s keep electing molestor and assaulters?
Let’s send him to the fucking moon and be done with him and the moon.
Thank you Senator Shelby in the state of Alabama for choosing country over party. Thank you for standing up for young women everywhere. Oh, and children.
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