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Things I’ve learned so far this Friday: Michael Cohen has a tape of Trump talking about paying off his affairs, Roseanne is still racist, and Whoopi Goldberg deserves another Oscar for saying “fuck you” to Jeanine Pirro.
Now, trump wants to make changes to the Endangered Species Act—why is every choice they make so villainous—from allowing hibernating bear cubs and baby wolves to be hunted to getting rid of environmental protections for clean water and air. Pure evil.
How is it not our right to know what happened when trump and Putin were alone? How do we not know they were planning on how to hack the midterms? Because trump said that he reprimanded Putin in private? That’s about as believeable as me reprimanding @RoundaRousey in a ring.
Trump supporters: are you okay with him considering offering up American diplomats to Russia? That is acting in the best interest of America? He said he thought it was “an incredible offer”. Until he says that he meant to say, “it wasn’t an incredible opportunity.” America 1st?
We will replace this corruption in November. Your candidate to vote ⁦@DevinNunes⁩ is ⁦@JanzforCongress⁩ Andrew Janz is a great candidate who is not being paid by Russians. #CA 22 Nunes believes Russians deserve more respect than Americans. https://t.co/v2gNWWT5bs
Um...another swing and a miss for women. https://t.co/8Pp71JgrGP
@LeGateauChoc @Alyssa_Milano What about the idea that he lies daily? That is proveable with video of him speaking and then contradicting himself—sometime, moments later.
I kind of agree. It’s so bleak
In my attempt to understand Fox News watchers, I tuned into these two and actually thought the guy on the left was Sean Hannity, backwards.
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