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For a president and his base who hate foreigners, they surely seem okay with Russians and Saudi Arabians. What an incredible president you chose to elect. He stands for nothing but himself. And murder. And tax evasion and family separation. And assault.
I’d like to know what kind of noise cancelling head phones @IvankaTrump used during one of the 5 thousand times her father mentioned Hillary’s private email servers during his campaign. I’d like a pair for every time I hear him talk.
Let’s #EndGunViolenceTogether - go to https://t.co/SnexHBk0EY to send your Member of Congress a postcard demanding they take action on what 90% of Americans agree on: universal background checks. @TOMS
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Oh, Ivanka! Happy thanksgiving, girl.
I’m not surprised Trump confused the name of Paradise, California. He’s all over the place. He doesn’t know whether The White House is the Kremlin, Ivanka is Melania, or Ben Carson is Dennis Rodman.
Fun ideas for Sunday are as follows: take an edible, and watch our predator in chief be interview by Chris Wallace. Look out for Wallace’s reaction when trump talks about raking bushes. Or take two edibles.
Well, we had some big wins. We flipped I think 5 just in California alone. Rohrbacher is out!! Steps
California really needs rain... For the fires and so Trump cancels his visit tomorrow.
Democrats are at 35 seeats flipped.
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