Fathers America

My father’s day thoughts to you all Fathers of America and the world! @realDonaldTrump 

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Fathers America

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“Cat-like reflexes” is an expression for a reason...

Trump calls three of these four women “nasty”...

U.S. left out key statements by Huawei executive in extradition request, lawyer says

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Check out this thread from a student at Ohio State...

It's 88 degrees F 10 minutes before gametime (not 88 C. That would be a record). You rarely hear this here, but the object at Oracle is to get the ball in the air. #SFGIants 

Evan Longoria has a bingo. It's his....I know I hvve it here somewhere.....aw, screw it. 1-0 #SFGIants 

Aldon Smith’s first training camp practice with the Cowboys

‘We cannot Iowa nice our way out of this.’ Residents of the Hawkeye state feel forgotten after a derecho ripped through, devastating Cedar Rapids, smaller communities and vast swaths of cornfields. Via @FrancesSSellers  and @lyzl