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Me, in @ForeignAffairs  : The Real Immigration Crisis --The Problem Is Not Too Many, but Too Few. (Not a bad TLDR, thread follows anyway)

@ForeignAffairs  Since 1960, in G-7 countries where retirees made up <10% of the population, annual per capita GDP growth rates averaged 4%. 10-20%, average growth rate 2%. >20% retirees growth average of 0.4%

@ForeignAffairs  Immigrants already vital for U.S. labor force, In N.Carolina in 2011, for eg, farmers advertised 6,500 seasonal farm jobs; 268 U.S. citizens applied and just 163 showed up for the first day of work. The rest of the jobs went to Mexican farmworkers.

From fascinating new report by @vijramachandran  @jennieobado1  Razaq Fatai and @BlessingOmakwu  @jsmasoodon  the tech sector in Nigeria... tech companies are *small*

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As the cheese tariffs start to bite, we’re switching to American parmesan. But I bet it suffers from inpasta syndrome.