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Freelance tech journalist; The Guardian's Technology editor 2009-14. Author, Digital Wars, on Apple v Google v Microsoft. Speaker, moderator. DMs from all.

Latest Scoops

Verbatim Trump speech announcing the “border emergency”. More like a coherence emergency. It’s not even word salad. It’s word blender.
@ruskin147 Most likely scenario with Bezos is that the brother of his mistress got access to her Mac, and that that was linked to iMessage, and the messages were mirrored there. Same happened recently in the White House with Kellyanne Conway loaning her Mac to a speechwriter.
@christopherhope If the story about insect dieoff didn’t worry you very deeply, then you should listen to people - scientists - whom it did. And then realise that criticising children who are concerned about the biggest threat to our and their way of life is irredeemably foolish and shortsighted.
“Siri, show me the difference between dogma and pragmatism.” (Kudos @hnelke1973)
"This is literally the biggest news story in the world" - First Dog on the Moon
(It is, too)
Start Up No.1,004: AI gets closer and creepier, Facebook’s watch list, Amazon won’t make it in New York, what the FBI director saw, and more
A Little Red Book? Pah - President Xi has people studying a little red app.
CNet has some weird code which makes it almost impossible to bookmark a page on Pinboard or similar. Trying to stop scraping, probably. Certainly stops me wanting to read CNet pages.
Things you find when you’re looking at the source code for a web page, in this case on CNet.
Hey @BTCares I want to add a number to my blacklist, which is part of your landline package. The number __hasn’t called my landline__ (yet). But I know it’s a junk number. How do I add it?
Your website is a hot mess. Says it’s possible. It isn’t.
If it is, screenshots please.

The Most Relevant

“People like you are the reason your generation is so entitled”
And this is only a small sample for the month..
2004 music industry: "stop taking music for free!"
Internet: "haha!"
2014 music industry: "have this music for free!"
Internet: "nooo!"
The extremist mind works differently from yours or mine. Fascinating insight via (non-extremist) @iyad_elbaghdadi
I just published “Charlie Gard: facts, medicine, and right-wing fictions”
“The airport bomber from last week you never heard about”. on nail bomb attempt in North Carolina
When you’re a coder, you code things to happen automatically so you don’t have to do them again and again manually.
I am SO SICK of BBC vox pops asking Leave voters who have never organised anything more complex than a mortgage what they think of taking a country out of millions of supply chains and international treaties.
And one on now isn’t even satisfied. “They lie.”
Pointless, stupid.
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