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Well played @MarcusRashford . Check his timeline. Extraordinary from a remarkable young man. 👏🏻👏🏻

Well well well. Sajid Javid, previously seen as the Thatcherite's favourite, believes Biden would be better for the UK. Wonder how this goes down with fellow backbenchers

The Lebanese Army said today that they will begin distribution of 100 billion lira to owners of houses damaged in the Beirut Port explosion. However, out of 62,087 damaged housing units, this amount will only cover compensation for 10,274.

THIS is fecken FABALISS! Debut novel from @NotRollergirl , it's A) Filthy B) Extremely funny C) Written with wit and vim D) Touching E) Is wonderfully refreshing on women and sexual desire Not out till February, sorry, but I recommend SO highly #Insatiable  #MarianRecommends 

"It’s still the most important club game in the world.” | @AFP 

Rafael Nadal will swap his rackets for his golf clubs on Saturday and play in the Balearic Championship in Mallorca, according to a report in Spain. | @AFP 

Supermarkets will be unable to sell items like clothes during the 17-day Covid firebreak lockdown in Wales.

“Constitution-building is a bit like dentistry: there’s never a good time for it; nobody does it for fun, but it’s sometimes necessary and, when it’s done right, it prevents greater pain in the future” Sionaidh Douglass-Scott via @JakeBenRichards