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Every Black journalist at the Times is tweeting the same line. Every one.

On systemic racism in America, Minnesota governor Tim Walz tells @OmarJimenezWBAL  “I don’t think we’ll have another chance to fix this. That’s not hyperbo #wednesdaymorninge .”

(AP) Major League Soccer and its players' union reached an agreement that allows play to resume with a summer tournament in Florida following the break caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

(AP) Virginia governor to announce removal of iconic Richmond statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

"You should be able to learn & make mistakes & live a life of joy without worrying about what will happen if you go to the store or go for a jog or are driving down the street or looking at some birds in a park." Barack Obama in first public remarks since #GeorgeFloydProtests 

“Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people—does not even pretend to try,” General James Mattis writes in an extraordinary condemnation:

(AP) -- Prosecutors: 3 held in Las Vegas on terror charges in right-wing conspiracy to spark violence during protests.

"In my 1971 inaugural address as Georgia’s governor, I said: “The time for racial discrimination is over.” With great sorrow and disappointment, I repeat those words today, nearly five decades later." Statement from Jimmy Carter

24 hours after Gen. Mark Milley was seen in battle fatigues on the streets of Washington and walking with the President, the Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff issues this memo.


BREAKING: City of Toronto bans all public events until June 30.

Having covered 8 Olympics, can’t tell you how powerful this message is to the IOC from Team Canada. CA The athletes live to compete at the games. If they can sacrifice their greatest dream and stay home, YOU can stay home. 🥇🥈🥉🚴🏼🏊🏻‍♀️⛹🏻

Tonight, there are empty beds where young men slept and dreamt of moments of glory and joy in the game, empty chairs where they ate with their second family, and empty lockers where their jerseys hang - never to be worn again. Time, like ice - is frozen. #HumboldtBroncos 

FISHER UPDATE (AP) -- Carrie Fisher is in stable condition after suffering a medical emergency aboard a flight Friday. (brother)

America’s week started with a prominent Jewish philanthropist subjected to anti-semitic attacks receiving a pipe bomb. The week ends with a gunman murdering Jews at a Pittsburgh schul. In between, more pipe bombs & a white shooter killing blacks at a Kentucky supermarket. ??

BREAKING: Hudson's Bay has made the decision to temporarily close all its stores, effective immediately. Stores will remain closed for 2 weeks, and operations will be reassessed at that time. During this closure, store associates will be paid for all scheduled shifts.

Whether Brussels, Paris, Ankara or Baghdad, we cannot selectively mourn. Blood is one colour.

So this happened in America last week. First I've heard of it - probably you too. Courtesy @shaunking  by @ShaunKing