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Lonnie G. Bunch III is the 1st African American to lead the @smithsonian  Institution. Tonight at 7:30PM on #AsMeWithSin éad, the @SmithsonianSecSec  talks about how his experience with racism ignited his passion for history and a desire to understand what drives people to hate.

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The cover for Memoirs and Misinformation features a photo of Jim Carrey, accidentally taken right after the 2018 Hawaii false missile alert went out. It is "an actual shot of my face after being told that I have 10 minutes to live," he told @cbcradioq 

Here are 12 Canadian books coming out in July you should bookmark.

A study finds most of Canada's north will be suitable for farmland as the climate warms But if all of this potential farmland is developed — in Canada and the world — then, according to Fraser, "gigatons and gigatons" of carbon would be released.

The blanket toss — or nalukataq, as its known in northern communities, — is not for the faint of heart. It involves a human-powered trampoline with two dozen people pulling a seal hide tight, to help a person standing in the centre jump 20 feet up.

Imagine a human-powered trampoline with two dozen people pulling a seal hide tight, while a person stands in the centre. That person is then thrown 20 feet into the air. That's the blanket toss — or nalukataq as its known in northern communities.

Ramy Youssef's stand-up comedy and eponymous TV series capture the push and pull between religion and everyday life.

How can we realistically face the multitude of existential threats to the human race on a global scale? Experts offer their advice on getting ready for trouble this century.

"[In] today's day and age, I think we're starting to shift our focus and trying to be a bit more vocal with it, because ... these [spirit] bears are under a number of threats," Douglas Neasloss says.


We are deeply saddened to learn that Stuart McLean passed away earlier today.

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Why so few people on Six Nations reserve have clean running water, unlike their neighbours. #Indigenous 

Canada's largest mental health teaching hospital has called for an end to police involvement in mental health checks after 3 people with histories of mental health problems were killed by police in separate incidents across the country in the last month

BTS is so huge that last year, they accounted for an estimated $4.65 billion of South Korea's GDP The band, that began 7 years ago this month, share a coming of age story in their lyrics that has fans thinking about representation, self-esteem and hope

After Juno winner Jeremy Dutcher's acceptance speech for Indigenous album of the year was cut off, Arkells invited him back on stage finish it. His passionate speech on reconciliation was delivered in English and Wolastoqey.

"I was there and [it] was an extraordinary moment," wrote a concertgoer. "The kid's 'Wow' was the best recognition for Mozart's music and this wonderful orchestra."

If the government insists on "milking" Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun's arrival in Canada for political brownie points, it could put the young woman in danger, says Canada's former ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

Shakila Zareen was forced to marry a man she didn't know at 17. Since their wedding night, she has suffered abuse from her husband. When she reported him to police, they dismissed her. Hours after the complaint, she recalls, her husband shot her.