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"This is outrageous, honestly," says Canadian Edward Chin. "I think he should be reprimanded."

Mayor Aja Brown announced earlier this week that the Compton Pledge ensures a basic income to 800 of the city's residents over the next two years (under privately funded program), focusing on those who have the most difficulty making ends meet.

As high schools across the country scrap exams because of the COVID-19 pandemic, some experts say now is the time to re-evaluate what those tests look like to ensure they serve all students.

"Our main finding was that fuel availability ... was really important in determining biomass burning and carbon loss," said Jennifer Baltzer, a biologist at Wilfrid Laurier University and a Canada Research Chair in Forests and Global Change.

Tim Hortons and Burger King have signed a deal with TerraCycle’s Loop program to test an option that would allow customers to receive their order in reusable, returnable cups and food packaging.

In the new documentary Francesco, about Pope Francis's life and work, the head of the Catholic Church described gay people as "children of God," and called for "a civil union law" so they are "legally covered."

The year 2020 has been chaotic, stressful and some might argue even a little apocalyptic. So if you're feeling like the end is nigh, you're not alone. History shows people have always feared the apocalypse.

"As you know, things have changed through the years and society has changed, and we have we have numbers, we have scientific reports also that [show] us the damage it can do on your brain," said Enrico Ciccone, a former NHL hockey player.

A House of Commons subcommittee says that China's use of camps, forced labour and population control measures are designed to eradicate the Uighur culture.


We are deeply saddened to learn that Stuart McLean passed away earlier today.

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Why so few people on Six Nations reserve have clean running water, unlike their neighbours. #Indigenous 

Canada's largest mental health teaching hospital has called for an end to police involvement in mental health checks after 3 people with histories of mental health problems were killed by police in separate incidents across the country in the last month

After Juno winner Jeremy Dutcher's acceptance speech for Indigenous album of the year was cut off, Arkells invited him back on stage finish it. His passionate speech on reconciliation was delivered in English and Wolastoqey.

BTS is so huge that last year, they accounted for an estimated $4.65 billion of South Korea's GDP The band, that began 7 years ago this month, share a coming of age story in their lyrics that has fans thinking about representation, self-esteem and hope

"I was there and [it] was an extraordinary moment," wrote a concertgoer. "The kid's 'Wow' was the best recognition for Mozart's music and this wonderful orchestra."

If the government insists on "milking" Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun's arrival in Canada for political brownie points, it could put the young woman in danger, says Canada's former ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

Shakila Zareen was forced to marry a man she didn't know at 17. Since their wedding night, she has suffered abuse from her husband. When she reported him to police, they dismissed her. Hours after the complaint, she recalls, her husband shot her.