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The NDP leader says criticisms of Justin Trudeau wouldn't preclude him from working with a Liberal government.

The four major parties discuss fundamental science, evidence-based decisions, climate action and conservation of wilderness and species at risk.

In his essay, @CBCSunday 's Michael Enright wonders why adverbs and adjectives have fallen into disfavour with so many.

In the Booker Prize's 50 year history, it has only happened twice before. But in 1993, rules changed to guarantee only one winner would take home the prize. And yet this year there were two winners.

The Conservative stronghold of Milton, ON is one of the fastest-growing municipalities in Canada, and its shifting demographics are leaving other parties hoping that they may have a chance. Ridings like this one could determine the federal election.

SUNDAY, Oct. 20, join @checkupcbc  for a twin #elxn43  town hall on climate change and Canada's energy future. 📍 In Vancouver or Leduc? Be a part of our live audience! Get your free tickets:

Soulman begins with 13-year-old Rocky Johnson, homeless in Amherst, N.S. Read an excerpt from his memoir:

"I'm 72 now and I've come to the happiest point of my life where nothing is wrong - but it took me 72 years to be able to say this." - @eltonofficial .

A small Dutch community is reeling after police found a family of seven living in complete isolation in a secret farmhouse room for at least nine years, unbeknownst to neighbours.

A growing number of California cities are banning natural gas hookups, and forcing residents to switch eventually to electric.


Why so few people on Six Nations reserve have clean running water, unlike their neighbours. #Indigenous 

We are deeply saddened to learn that Stuart McLean passed away earlier today.

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After Juno winner Jeremy Dutcher's acceptance speech for Indigenous album of the year was cut off, Arkells invited him back on stage finish it. His passionate speech on reconciliation was delivered in English and Wolastoqey.

"I was there and [it] was an extraordinary moment," wrote a concertgoer. "The kid's 'Wow' was the best recognition for Mozart's music and this wonderful orchestra."

If the government insists on "milking" Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun's arrival in Canada for political brownie points, it could put the young woman in danger, says Canada's former ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

Shakila Zareen was forced to marry a man she didn't know at 17. Since their wedding night, she has suffered abuse from her husband. When she reported him to police, they dismissed her. Hours after the complaint, she recalls, her husband shot her.

You may have noticed #SaveShadowhunters  #SaveTheExpanse  #SaveTimeless  etc., trending That's because a lot of passionate fans (including celebrities) had success in at least partially reviving several shows with cult followings with online campaigns.

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