Hong Kong

Hong Kong lawmaker forcibly removed from legislature says he had 'no choice' but protest

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Hong Kong

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The Trump admin. argues adoption agencies should be able to reject same-sex couples, due to religious beliefs, a brief to the US Supreme court says. - @NBCOUT 

Ayanna Pressley, Justin Amash introduce bill to end prohibition on lawsuits against police officers

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Joe Biden, who this week delivered a speech on how to combat racism, reminded us "what he offers that the other guy doesn't -- and that is a man whose inner life is a source of enormous, under-appreciated strength," writes David Gergen for @CNNOpinion 

In Opinion "Voting will not save us from harm, but silence will surely damn us all," writes Stacey Abrams.

President Trump appears to be standing down for now on firing Defense Sec. Esper, say sources familiar with the situation, after threatening to do so the day before.

Demonstrators held banners and threw firebombs at police outside the U.S. Embassy in Athens during a protest against racism and the death of George Floyd, as police fired tear gas to quell demonstrators.