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More than 750,000 young Filipinos dropped out of the labor force last year. One reason? They're staying in school longer.

Many South Africans would like someone to blame for their poor circumstances, and many politicians are keen for them to blame someone else

The majority of Irish universities have improved their research impact massively over the last 4 years. The narrative coming from some persons is that there is a huge crisis. The facts do not necessarily bear this out

Haven’t tried it yet but this laksa might be spicy

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Diageo’s short measures are an insult to Johnnie Walker’s workers | Kevin McKenna

Health professionals everywhere can (and must) play a key role in bringing people together, even where others seek to divide. @HConf2019 

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Disney is allowed to build nuclear power plants thanks to a 1967 law. But the park is turning to solar power with a 270-acre solar farm

Boris Johnson is “straining” to get a deal, but is also set to defy a new law designed to stop him forcing the U.K. out of the EU without one

Trump will not pick Pompeo as national security adviser, has 15 candidates #politics