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  3. all of the luv (luv-tory lanez/ all of the lights mashup) cover w @ashleejuno on the guitar
All of The LUV (LUV-Tory Lanez/ All Of the Lights Mashup) cover w @ashleejuno on the guitar


Wes shuffles back to Laura, the Adam-Rosie-Zara 💕🔺 continues and Dr Alex gets a 💋 - All the latest from #LoveIsland
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Stuck in traffic on way to @thismorning I’m on the sofa guys at 1030 .. tune in all things @LoveIsland be ready I’m going innn 😈🤣😊
While we've all been focused on the other million emergencies, there's a blood shortage happening. If you are eligible to donate (and yeah, don't get me started) I encourage you to find a blood drive in your area. https://t.co/FMhkuUuJch
All about the beauty spots @NiallOfficial 😝😂 wicked seeing ya! https://t.co/GoCEs4Q3Zb
.@Amber_Davies7 says THIS is why #LoveIsland's Adam is getting all the girls https://t.co/jOaMpW6d9f
Your shopping cart is about to get bigger than ever🛒😃 Create a wish list with all the #NUSH looks you love & shop 'em all at 's E@myntrand of Reason Sale from 22nd to 25th June! | #MyntraEORS@NushBrand
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let’s make luv in the summertime
THIS SUNDAY at 6pm ET/3pm PT join @IAMSAFAREE x @TheMandieBShow when they come to you LIVE from the#BETAwards carpet! They're chatting with your faves, giving out a couple of BET Awards, and much more! Set the reminder to see it all!https://t.co/EKHYWBvoo3
Today is the longest day of the year. So, depending on your POV that's great or it's all downhill from here.
We tried the blood-infused facial all the celebs are obsessed with: https://t.co/LNJunbMaOf
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