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  3. all of the luv (luv-tory lanez/ all of the lights mashup) cover w @ashleejuno on the guitar
All of The LUV (LUV-Tory Lanez/ All Of the Lights Mashup) cover w @ashleejuno on the guitar


Thanks 🙏🏿 to all the wonderful ears 👂🏽 making this happen x
👉 Bella Thorne has responded to all the online backlash she received over her new makeup brand Filthy Fangs 👀 >>> https://t.co/odOmnVR86v
What is THE BEST kind of hoover to get? It needs to be good for stairs. Anything but Dyson, I've paid the price then paid the price too many times (that was quite a poetic way of saying they break). Sorry for all the questions, moving into a new house and need EVERYTHING.
Good morning! My #RealityCheck this morning is that it’s Jack’s 5th birthday and so I’m taking the day off New Day to be with the family. See you all tomorrow on @NewDay
Dubbing for Ms. Granny! See you all in the big screen Aug 22! 😄 https://t.co/XP3EtngAUi
.@TheVampsband are back in the Live Lounge today!

Last time they were here they performed All Night with @MatomaOfficial and it was dreamy 😍

Listen from 12pm today to hear what they've got in store for us this time...
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So the big news is heat mag turns 1000 (ONE ACTUAL THOUSAND) today 🎂🎉 Oh, and we don’t look a day over 999 💁🏼‍♀️ Check out this week’s bumper birthday issue for a look back at all the most iconic covers, biggest interviews and some Stars Dress Up shenanigans 😂 OUT NOW
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"That was a spiritual trip..."
The Selecter's @paulineblack is picking the Tracks of My Years all this week with @DJTrevorNelson. Here she shares her memories of a magical Bob Marley performance. https://t.co/g40vcWUUwl
I know I’m late to the party but ‘animal’ by @troyesivan is beautiful writing ❤️

Makes me feel all the feels ✨✨✨
Saw @thefestivaluk last night. It is a very funny film, all the way through. That is an extremely rare thing. I highly recommend it.
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