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did my pink head really just sing for a stadium in New York in the rain while the sun was going down? if I’m dreaming tonight, don’t wake me up 💘 #reputationTour
this is an unedited never before seen one take of the dance break we did for the Havana video!!! I’m posting it in honor of us getting the 5 @vmas nomination !!! you can vote for Havana and the other categories here: https://t.co/5aeTkoAS4O
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Havana collection is almost sold out!!!!! 🌺🌺🌺🌺 https://t.co/xBrjEDRSq0 #CamilaXLoreal
and i lost so much more than my senses.... loving you had consequences 🌹 #CAMILAonGMA
thank you SO much for coming out today, thank you so much for camping out last night, waking up early, and bringing posters - you calm my nerves and make me smile. thank you 💘✨ #CamilaonGMA
New York, better than the movies ✨🌹✨
my collaboration with @LOrealParisUSA the Havana collection is here available now at ULTA [https://t.co/xBrjEDRSq0]❣️ super high quality products, light for the summer and not too heavy on the skin, and glowy and natural!!!! i hope you guys love it like i do 🌺🌺#CamilaXLoreal
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