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Remember the people that helped you


Dickerson: If people's premiums go up doesn't that negate the tax cut? Cotton: That's not right. Every income group under the Senate bill will see a tax cut.
you know the infuriating, ridiculous, insane way some have been excusing and denying sexual misconduct recently? how simultaneously dumb and scary it is?

i want good people who are not people of color to know that’s what watching racism feels like every day. all the time. 24-7.
"Where’s 'Boyhood' for girls? Where’s the fact that you’re a human being is enough." https://t.co/J8qq3AFWqC
sister: but who eats brunch at 11:30
me: lots of people, hence why it’s called *brunch*
sister: nah i only like brunch in the morning
me: so you like breakfast
sister: (ignores me, segues into lengthy discussion about pancakes)
50 minutes
"The big misconception, though, is that this is just in the entertainment industry. Once again, the entertainment industry is kind of the stage on which you can see the inner workings of problems that are all over the world." https://t.co/lTRwtN4j28
The people who know the least about you, always have the most to say.
is it just me or was this year like … really fucking overwhelming? like everything’s that’s happened to you this year has shaped you into a completely different person that you were at the beginning of this year
Did you know that 2.4 billion people—roughly 1/3 of the world’s population—don’t have access to a basic toilet? Our WASH UP! initiative empowers children & adults around the world to practice proper sanitation & hygiene habits. #WorldToiletDay
Marc Short on if Pres. Trump backs Roy Moore: "I think he thinks it's best for the people of Alabama to make that decision." #ThisWeek
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I learnt something I didn't know today after posting a sarky tweet about #InternationalMensDay. The right-wing, g-gate, anti-feminist fringe believe a Twitter verification tick is a sign that you're "a libtard". There you are then.
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